The Socialist Vision

This document is a preliminary attempt to conceptualize the principles 
and guide-post of a Philippine socialism that is not a mere copy of foreign
models but one that is based on a critique of existing socialist states
and a creative application of the socialist ideology to Philippine reality.
Our people's struggle to bring about a fundamental restructuring of our
society must be fueled by a clear vision of the society we desire. The
crystallization of this vision, however, must take place within the struggle
itself in order that it can serve as a primary instrument for mobilizing
people to participate in the process of transformation.
Today, there is growing interest in the search for a viable alternative 
both to the capitalist authoritarianism represented by Marcos and the
capitalist democracy, which preceded and gave rise to one-man rule.

This document is a contribution to this search. It aims to catalyze thought
and action, and put the socialist alternative on the agenda of political
discourse in our country. While being the result of study and collective
discussions, it does not pretend to be the final word on Philippine socialism.
It is, as earlier said, a preliminary vision rather than a finished blueprint.
It is intended to grow and develop in praxis, as the working people subject
it to criticism and contribute new ideas drawn from their concrete experience
in struggle. It constitutes but a beginning of a process whereby the future
may be reached through collective and democratic struggle.