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  • Tonka is an American toy company most known for its signature toy trucks and construction equipment.
  • United Kingdom
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Tonka Toy Town..!!
Tonka Toy Town..!!
"Dotto Land Train".. Torquay.. in "LucisArt" Extract from.. uk-loco New Dotto Train is just the ticket "Euro lV, Four litre, six cylinders and a turbo charged are phrases normally associated with sports cars, not Torquay’s new Dotto Land Train. Torquay’s Mayor Nick Bye unveiled the new all-weather Dotto at Torquay’s Town Hall with train owner Chris Griffin. He said “The new train has a six cylinder, four litre, turbo charged engine, with four wheel drive and air suspension to smoothen the ride. With Torquay being hilly the old one used to struggle but this one would go up Everest!" The new Dotto train, which has onboard commentary about Torquay, arrived from Italy earlier this month and is in service ferrying passengers around the resort. The new Dotto train will be operating around Torquay throughout the summer Have a great day/evening.. thanks so much for viewing & comments..
220E8786 IOW Feb 2009
220E8786   IOW Feb 2009
Tonka toys for big boys sitting waiting to go overseas in Southampton, with minis and other cars waiting beyond.

tonka toys uk
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