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Lawn Water Toys

lawn water toys
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Desperate for water, Jeffrey dragged his little body across the lawn, to the oasis that was our neighbor's wading pool. Little did he know that he was about to encounter Brittney, and Baby. Four year old twin girls, hosting a barbie beach party that day. As Jeffrey slowly, inched his way up the side of the pool, gasping for a drink of water, Baby grabbed him. And threw him to her sister, Brittney. A rousing game of tug of war ensued, too gruesome to go into detail. After that, Jeffrey was forced to play dress up with Malibu Stacey and her sidekick Tropical Tiffany. Thankfully, the girls' mother, alerted by the louder than usual squeals coming from the backyard, went to check things out. Shocked by what she found, mama grabbed Jeffrey from Baby's clutches and made a mad dash to our house. Wiping off the lipgloss and glitter gel along the way, she rushed Jeffrey to us. He was a pale gray when he arrived, but with proper care, good food and lots of therapy, Jeffrey is the happy and healthy jelly you see today! Longing for a permanent home far from Brittney and Baby, we are searching for prospective parents for our little friend. Please consider making Jeffrey a member of your family-it would simply make his day to make your acquaintance!
Wild Raffy!
Wild Raffy!
March 22, 2010 [133/365] i came home from school (ughh) to a nice surprise today. found a wild raffy on my front lawn, it was raining outside (as you can see from the water drops on raffy), so i decided to take him in. the other toys seem to love him :P anyway. had my fun there. yeah, first day back from march break, and school seems to suck already. it's almost as if the march break never happened eh? i woke up feeling like a whole new person, came back from school feeling like i was before the break. kinda sucks really, 'cause who i was before the break was dull and tired. i kinda liked feeling refreshed and energetic and all... like how i was throughout the break. i guess on the bright side, i got this raffy as a gift from a friend! plus, i've started strobing again, as you can see. might not have three lights to work with anymore (they broke... if you've been keeping up with my 365 essays haha), but i figured i'd challenge myself to see what i can produce with only one light. gotta study for my chem test and... watch a clockwork orange. :] later guys. Strobist Info: SB-600 @ 1/64 power, camera left, behind subject (in the bushes you see in the background) as a kicker Triggered by Nikon CLS <3

lawn water toys
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