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As longtime admirers of "Dead End" and "Grayson," we're over the moon at any comparisons drawn... which is why we're so thrilled at this review by Geeks of Doom. Thank you for putting us anywhere near those titans of Bat fan films, GoD! You do us too great an honor with this spiffy article.

Write-Up on Topless Robot
Over the months, Rob Bricken at Topless Robot has been amazingly supportive of our geekiest endeavors, from Street Fighter High, to Jennifer Zhang's gamer-sex anthem, "I Win at S3x." And now add this to reasons why we owe him our first-born. A very flattering review of "Batman: Death Wish"! It's nipple-centric. Just how we like it.

Paul Nyhart and our phenomenal friends at the Jace Hall show present this featurette on Batman: Death Wish, which includes an exclusive interview with Hiscox and Zhang and special behind-the-scenes pictures you won't find anywhere else. This awesome piece also delves into the fan film genre as a whole. Blammo! Insight, bitches! ::Bows to the Jace Hall family:: You do us great honor! 

Director Matthew Hiscox and Writer Jennifer Zhang are visited in Matt's design studio and chat with Nerd Reactor on the experience of producing Batman: Death Wish, and the origins of the project. It's an exclusive pre-release behind-the-scenes look!

Check out this spotlight on the "Batman: Death Wish" premiere from the amazing folk at Nerd Reactor. We owe the staff a great debt of gratitude, both for this coverage, and also for stepping in as our henchmen on the shoot. Check Nerd Reactor's very own behind-the-scenes specials from the set of "Batman: Death Wish"... coming soon!

Executive Producer Adam Zika and Host James Kincaid made "Batman: Death Wish" writer/producer Jennifer Zhang feel all pretty and stuff by interviewing her about her nerdy endeavors, along with the feature film "Dead Inside" which she wrote and produced this year and is set to hit the festival circuit in full force in 2012. But listen to the end (or skip ahead to the last 5 minutes and 25 seconds) to get a sneak preview and insight into the production of "Batman: Death Wish."

Discussion on COSCAST - EPISODE 8
"Batman: Death Wish" Co-producer Joey Rassool and his co-hosts Jordan Brown, Tara Strand, and Matthew Lewis discuss all things cosplay, and make good mention of our humble little bat-film. Thanks, Joey! Take a listen!

“Batman” and all characters portrayed in this film are © and TM of DC Comics, a Time Warner Company. The filmmakers do not claim rights to any images or likenesses of characters portrayed in this film. “Batman: Death Wish” is a not-for-profit production, created for promotional purposes only.