2015 Regatta

Bathurst Bicentenary Dragon Boat Challenge (Accredited) - 2015 Bathurst Regatta

On 18th October 2015, Bathurst Pan Dragons Dragon Boat Club in partnership with Dragon Boats NSW will be hosting the inaugural dragon boat challenge as part of the Bathurst Bicentenary celebrations.

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Bicentenary Dragon Boat Challenge, 18 Oct

Bathurst Bi-Centenary celebrations have continued with the first ever Dragon Boat Regatta held at Ben Chifley dam.


Prime News: Dragon boats hit the water

http://www.westernadvocate.com.au/story/3432654/an-oar-inspiring-day-for-those-ready-to-splash-out/?cs=115“Dragon boating is the best fun you can have sitting down.”

That was the motto on Sunday as the Bathurst Pan Dragons held their first regatta at Chifley Dam since forming in 2011.

Clubs from Orange, Forbes, Lithgow, Dubbo, Wagga and Newcastle came to compete, but also present were several community teams, including staff and councillors from Bathurst Regional Council.