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Cleaning Rifle Brass

cleaning rifle brass
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cleaning rifle brass - Gunslick Brass
Gunslick Brass Slotted Rifle/Pistol Cleaning Tip (.22-280 Caliber/6.5mm)
Gunslick Brass Slotted Rifle/Pistol Cleaning Tip (.22-280 Caliber/6.5mm)
From match-grade components to advanced gun care chemicals, Gunslick Pro offers the best there is. The Brass Slotted Cleaning Tips are no different. They are available in a wide range of pistol, rifle and shotgun offerings. In the gun care industry - among gunsmiths, firearm technicians and shooters - Gunslick has earned a sterling reputation for providing precision products that serve the active shooter. Third party testing shows Gunslick products exceed the performance of their competition in both corrosion protection and wear reduction. These test also demonstrate Gunslick's unwavering dedication to producing technologically advanced gun care products for today's shooters. This season, let Gunslick Pro do the work for you. Select a product and see how Gunslick hasn't sacrificed the ability to perform when simplifying the process.

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Afghanistan small arms evolution?
Afghanistan small arms evolution?
You know the single most fun activity I miss from the Marshall Islands? It was the finding and documenting of WWII artifacts – or any historic artifact, for that matter. The other day I came across some UXO here in Afghanistan. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me at the time – shame on me! :( But I called it in and the UXO was properly and safely taken care of by professionals. Being here in Afghanistan I just love it when I come across something that is a part of this great nation’s history. Through the weeks I’ve been documenting the small-arms I’ve been coming across while walking around. I thought it time to do an upload today upon the discovery of one of the more interesting pieces I discovered staring me in the face upon one of these “walks” - round # 1. I have no idea what round # 1 is. The entire round is very strong and sturdy – much more so than any other round I have ever come across from any conflict. There are no dents what so ever on this piece and both the projectile is the exact same color as the cartridge; a silver, almost titanium color. This round is also heavier than most if not all of the same size and caliber. When I bent down to inspect the round before picking it up my first impression was this was an AK round or, a 7.62X39mm. The length was about right but the way the round was incrusted with dirt and mud was much different than any other 7.62 cartridge I have ever seen. Not only that but, there were two grooves off center closer to the base of the round as if the round was meant to be belt fed. What I think is the most interesting however, is the primer! Where is it? Is the primer missing? I don’t think so. I believe the primer is designed this way to fit a particular type of machinegun. I cleaned the base of the round where the primer goes but was disappointed at the lack of letter or number stampage. This is one stout round! Anyone out there know of its origins? All the muck and grime and attached earth leads me to believe this round has been buried for a while – decades perhaps. If this is so, though, the metal the round is manufactured from is of very good quality and not of iron, brass or copper. Is this Russian, American or perhaps a secret Taliban round! Yea, I too seriously doubt the latter! But who knows… I suspect this to be an armored piercing round of some sort or, perhaps a dummy round meant for testing the feed mechanism of some sort of special ops mini-gun. Which would explain the lack of a primer. Now on to round # 2: Round # 2 is an AK47, 7.62X39mm bullet. Any experts out there who happenchance upon this story and who can translate the base/primer markings, please tell! Nothing really special about this round other than it has probably killed more people than any other round in the history of the world. Round # 2 is roughly the same size as round # 1 and is possibly generations behind round # 1 in human weapon technology. How old round # 2 is would be hard to say. I’ve found WWII rounds of the same material basically in the same condition. Round # 1, though, was caked with crud and both rounds were found in nearly the exact same spot – in fact, all four rounds were found within a 50 meter radius in a field. Round # 3: Round # 3 is the American .223cal or 5.56mm M16/M4 assault rifle round. Nothing special about this round either – every American soldier, airman and Marine probably has these rounds as you read these words. It could have been dropped a few months after 9/11 or yesterday. It will take probably 300 years for this particular round to be of any historic value. I for one don’t like this cartridge. The ballistic capability verses the AK47 round (round # 2) pale in comparison. It is of my personal opinion that the 7.69X39mm round is a much more proficient round than the .223/5.56mm. Round # 4: Round number 4 is what I believe to be the most interesting. I don’t think this round is American – it could be Russian, though, but, the level of corrosion on this round has nearly completely eroded the cartridge away. The metal is of an iron material. I have seen WWII era rounds that have lied for over 60 years in tropical/jungle environments in much better shape than round # 4. I tried and tried to clean the base/primer area of this round but I just couldn’t get past that rust. In my humble/amateurish opinion, this particular round (# 4) predates the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. Again, any small-arms experts out there who care to chime in, your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I would really love to know the origins of and ID round # 4. All four of these rounds were found by me in approximately a 50 meter radius simply lying in the dirt or amongst rocks in Southern Afghanistan in 2010. Hope you all found all this as interesting as I do! ;-) Have a good day, all!
'Salamander' AMR SPW Contest Entry
'Salamander' AMR SPW Contest Entry
The 'Salamander' is a prototype of a new powerful form of AMRs. The round used utilises the most advanced and powerful propellants and ultra-high density polymer casing (since metals such as brass are considered 'too unstable' under the higher levels of heat and pressure), to fire the specially designed thermite-payload .447 calibre bullet. The payload is in essence of similar design to a rocket payload, in that it is a shaped charge detonating on impact, but with a small amount of thermite that ignites upon firing on the tip of the bullet. This forms a superheated pocket of air around the bullet, which is therefore less dense and therefore provides much lower resistance, in a similar principle to supercavitation, allowing for much greater velocities to be achieved. The rifle is fed by a 6-shot magazine, that forms an upside down saddle to the magwell/receiver, and has semi-automatic action, with a heavy duty buffer tube that travels through the grip. The stock has an integrated anti-recoil system, that in this prototype stage has necessitated an increased length of pull, adding approx. 2.5 inches in comparison to that of an average rifle. As much of the barrel and chamber as possible are exposed as to help dispense of excess heat, with the barrel itself being fluted to help further, a specialised heat shield prototype is in the works however. The compensator is also oversized for this calibre, to deal with extra levels of gas expansion, and also incorporates a form of air stripper, to allow the bullet to 'launch' into 'clean air'. Fitted with iron sights, the 'Salamander' also has a modest rail system, that as standard mounts a fully electronic optics package, with integral laser. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Never intended to make a .6 entry for the contest, but this sort of ran away with itself. Tried to pull off some SPWy features like shaded rails and barrels (creds to bowlingdude I think for the barrel shading technique, might be wrong though I was wrong, it is Pat who I should credit) but certain areas of .6 foiled me. Anyway my 'main' entry was started last week in .7, although not much progress has been made, but I'll post it in the comments of this if you want a looksie.

cleaning rifle brass
cleaning rifle brass
Outers Universal Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun Brass Cleaning Kit with Brushes
Outers proudly to offers brass kits for the serious hunter and target shooter. Each cleaning kit comes with a high quality solid brass rod, phosphor bronze brushes, spear-pointed jags, loops and wool-blended mops. This versatile kit features a 3-piece brass cleaning rod, 22-cal phosphor brush, .30/32-cal phosphor brush, 38-cal/9mm phosphor brush, 12-gauge phosphor brush, .22/270-cal slotted patch loop, .22/243-cal spear pointed jag, 30-cal slotted patch loop, 30-cal spear pointed jag, all gauge slotted patch loop, rod adaptor, micro-fiber absorbent patches, Outers Tri-Care Protects/Cleans/ Lubricates (2 oz), and a reusable clamshell for storage

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