Clean Windows With Newspaper. Upholstery Carpet Cleaning

Clean Windows With Newspaper

clean windows with newspaper
    clean windows
  • (CLEAN window) in the Hogbom CLEAN algorithm, the region A of the residual image which is searched in order to locate the CLEAN components comprising the successive approximants to the radio source brightness distribution.
  • a business firm that publishes newspapers; "Murdoch owns many newspapers"
  • a daily or weekly publication on folded sheets; contains news and articles and advertisements; "he read his newspaper at breakfast"
  • the physical object that is the product of a newspaper publisher; "when it began to rain he covered his head with a newspaper"
  • A printed publication (usually issued daily or weekly) consisting of folded unstapled sheets and containing news, feature articles, advertisements, and correspondence
  • The organization responsible for producing a particular newspaper

A Room With A View
A Room With A View
Our hotel at Phoenix Old City, Xian Xi, has a city view. According to our tour guide, this is the second best hotel in Phoenix Old City. Before we walked into the room, Song said, honey, I hope you won't mind... I said, awww don't worry! It's all good! We walked in. The yellowish carpet has many many brown stains. I told Song, no worry, they have plastic slippers. Look! The plastic package says "Sterilized for your safety"! We can use them with confidence! There was a cold draft coming in. I opened the curtain. The window was wide opened. If you are not careful you could fall right out. This was our city view. We could see people's toilet / bedroom from here. Somewhere there were two dogs barking at each other. Somewhere else there was a mahjong game going on. I said, no problem! Let's close the window and close the curtain! I went to the bathroom. The basin and tap looked nice? I turned on the tap, the water shot out through the side like a fountain. I said, no problem! Just don't turn it on all the way and let it run slowly! Then I saw a yellow stain on my pillow. Hmmm. I turned the pillow over. It's all good! I pulled the blanket, and saw many black dots on the bedsheets. Black dots, with LEGS??? I got some toilet papers and tried to pick up the black dots. Oh, they were not bugs, they were just stains. I rubbed them, they didn't come off. So I thought, if they wouldn't come off, it meant they wouldn't get on me if I lie on them, right? It's all good. I settled down, pulled the blanket over, and tried to get some sleep. Song looked at the floor, "Oh shit what the hell is that?" I looked, it's an opened condom wrapper. If the cleaner did not pick that up, does that mean they didn't even clean the room? I FREAKED. I took out their bathrobes and towels. I looked and looked and looked. I made sure they "looked" clean. I layered the towel on the bed, wore the robe, and then layered another robe on top, and then the blanket. Lights off. I couldn't sleep til around... 2 am? At 3:30am, woke up by a rooster. Couldn't go back to sleep because the mahjong game was still going on. At 4:30am the stupid bird crowed again. At 5:00am the dogs started barking. Someone started yelling. At 6:30am the stupid bird crowed again, this time accompanied by our morning call. Song slept pretty good. He woke up once only by a mosquito. After he turned the electric mosquito repellent on the bug was gone. Me? Panda eyes.
Vintage Capa Lost & Found Film Inside
Vintage Capa Lost & Found Film Inside
Where do I even begin with this one? This is a large one of a kind wallet made from an entire New York Times article (Randy Kennedy, Tony Cenicola) featuring the work of combat photographer Robert Capa. The cover features newly discovered rolls of film taken by Capa in the thirties during the Spanish Civil War. All of the other panels feature his work, parts of the article, and a portrait (he was a dashing guy). Capa asked a friend in Paris to hide three suitcases of negatives when he was forced to flee to America at the start of World War II. Somehow the negatives would up in the hands of a filmmaker in Mexico City and were eventually turned over to the Capa estate. They are now on display at the Barbicon in London and are considered a great photographic find. Tidbits: He trained Gerda (his wife and the love of his life) in photography and she became a combat photographer as well. Unfortunately, she was killed in Spain during a battle while he was away on a short trip to Paris. He never remarried. He later became involved with Ingrid Bergman who wanted him to marry her and live in Hollywood. He refused (he shunned the Hollywood lifestyle). Ingrid Bergman and Robert were both good friends with Alfred Hitchcock and he used their relationship as the model for the dynamic of Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly in Rear Window. It’s one of my favorite movies and if you’ve seen it, you remember the conflict between the two main characters. He was a Libra, but right on the cusp of Scorpio for those of you with astrological curiosity. The wallet measures appx 9 by 5 inches and has two vinyl pockets for identification. Covered and lined in lightweight vinyl. It'll withstand normal wear and even occasional coffee spillage, but is considered water resistant, not waterproof. It may be cleaned with a soft damp cloth. The newspaper under the vinyl is well worn and must be considered part of the charm of owning such a unique and tactilely pleasing piece. It is one of a kind accessory perfect for any photography or history enthusiast. It is durable and like all my wallets has an extra pocket on the back. If you have any questions about the quality of my work, please see my feedback on Etsy. Available in my Etsy Shop. Enjoy!

clean windows with newspaper
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