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Cleaning Inside Car Windows

cleaning inside car windows
    car windows
  • (car window) a window in a car
  • Car glass includes windscreens, side and rear windows, and glass panel roofs on a vehicle. Side windows can be either fixed or be raised and lowered by depressing a button (power window) or switch or using a hand-turned crank.
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Dad's Freshly Cleaned Car And Garage Windows, Dec.31,2011
Dad's Freshly Cleaned Car And Garage Windows, Dec.31,2011
Today is New Years Eve, last day of 2011. This morning I had it in my mind to wash and clean Dads car and garage windows. I was still on edge today, a little bit of a bad mood. Before I washed the car we watch The Woodworkers shoppe show and watched him make a grease box. Its always interesting. Then Tice went to the gym and I started washing the car. I pulled it out the garage and filled a bucket with soap and water. I got a rag and some towels(to dry the car off). Its in the mid 50's outside but its windy so it was still rather cold while washing a car. I got the hose all ready and got down to washing. I had to wash and dry over and over again for awhile. Then I even had to change the water cuz it got so dirty. Dad is cleaning the downstairs bathroom. After a couple times around and an hour later i had the car clean enough to Dads liking. After that I hung the went drying towels up and drove the car back into the garage and commenced to cleaning the insides with paper towels and windex. I took all the stuff out of his car and put it into my lunch cooler. Then i vacuumed and cleaned the insides.Had a plastic bag full of dirty paper towels. I got the car clean to Dads approval and then i had to clean the garage door and side door windows. The outside windows were hard to clean! I just cleaned the best I could on the outside. It kept making white streaks for some reason.When I finished I winterized the hose bibbs, drained the hoses and put them in the crawl. I was glad to have all that done. When I finished I ate thelast good apple and called the target pharmacy to pick up some meds. I had to call beforehand to know they were there. I went to target and got em. After that I went to the dump and took Moms recylcing over there. It was very crowded, most crowded ive ever seen it. Alotta people were dumping Christmas Trees. I got home and Tice was back. I had some Krisy Rice and popcorn. I took a nap. Later i began making my Lasagne. I cut up a green pepper an onion 5 cloves of garlic and fresh rosemary. Cooked the meat and veges and added spices and did the building of the lasagne. Then I went over to Moms and took care of her cats. Tice came too to pick up some DVDs. When we got back we cooked the lasagne the rest of the way and let it set for 30 minutes. Dad went to the grocery store and got some fancy cheeses and crackers as well as some Sam Adams winter lager. We are gonna take all this to Grandaddys place.After eating lasagne we packed up a bag with beer,cheese, crackers and depends. Gbrad is inviting to have me hang out for New Years but i dont know. On the way to Grandaddys i saw that Philip called but he didnt talk long, he was busy at the moment. We got to BW and to Grandaddys room. He was setting under a blanket in his depends in his room. We watched the first half of Virginia & Auburn in the Chik -fil-a Bowl. They were both moving the ball well. Virginia played well and it was a tight match in the first half. We ate crackers and cheese(Gorgonzola,English Cheddar and some kinda Primadonna Italian cheese.)We also had one Sam Adams each. After the 2nd half was over Auburn had the lead. We went home. I was tired. I had a couple more beers and felt tired. I never went to Gbrads. He wanted me to meet him at his sisters house and I had no idea where it was at. I just watched a little TV and went to bed. This is the first time ive missed New Years since probably 1991 haha. Happy New Year
When I was a little boy I loved being in my dads car while in the carwash. It was a safe place. Now I have my own car. Everytime I'm in the carwash I have this feeling. It's safe.

cleaning inside car windows
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