How To Clean Fitted Hats

how to clean fitted hats
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how to clean fitted hats - Cap Cleaner
Cap Cleaner And Deodorizer (4.25 FL.OZ. (126ml))
Cap Cleaner And Deodorizer (4.25 FL.OZ. (126ml))
The perfect solution for caps and hats that don't look, or smell as good as they ought to. Gets rid of funky stains. There's no better way to resurrect a dead cap than with the Cap Cleaner & Deodorizer. A specially formulated cleaning agent that penetrates deep to eliminate grit and grime. The Cap Cleaner & Deodorizer keeps caps smelling the way that they were meant to. One wash and hours of toxic sweat build-up rinse down the drain. Works equally well for women on makeup, hair treatments, and anything else that might accumulate inside a cap. Simply wet entire cap under warm water (for wool caps use cold water) using a clean damp sponge, gently scrub cap. Rinse and let air dry. .

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Attack of the imps! and Ghandi saves the day!
Attack of the imps! and Ghandi saves the day!
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My Friend, Meredith Emerson
My Friend, Meredith Emerson
When my best friend Christine let me know on Wednesday night that Meredith was missing, a ripple of fear immediately went through me. Missing. That was word that was reserved for people on the news. Other people. People I didn't know personally. I shoved it down quickly and fervently ran through every news station on TV and on the web. Only one had something about Mere. It said she'd been missing since the night before, when she went out hiking with Ella. I thought to myself "Surely they're mistaken. Mere would never go hiking alone. She's smarter than that." I puzzled over this for 30 minutes before finding something new about it, this time the information that Ella's leash and Mere's water bottles were found. That ripple of fear went through me again. Missing, in the cold, with no water. I took a deep breath and shoved it down again. She's smart, she's experienced, she's tough, and she's got Ella with her. It'll be cold, but she'll be fine. Ella won't leave her. When called that night, John and I immediately decided to go up the next morning and help look. I felt really good about it myself. I'm not a very fit person, but I have sharp eyes and was sure that we'd find her tucked under some leaves with Ella keeping her warm. I went to sleep that night dreaming about how happy she'd be when we found her. The next morning, John and I got up at 4am to drive to Bruce and Christine's house. John is an Eagle Scout, so he knows how to dress for cold. I was wearing 2 pairs of socks, three pairs of pants, four shirts, two coats and gloves, a hat, and a scarf. I could barely buckle my seatbelt as we got into the car. I looked at the thermometer on the dash: 28F When we got to Bruce's house 45 minutes later, it was still 28F. My toes hurt, but I was still convinced that Mere was warm and happy under some leaves with Ella, just lost and staying put because she's smart enough to know not to go anywhere. John and I met Bruce, Little Jon, Kevin, Tim and Marisa there, and we combined into two cars and began driving. We stopped at a gas station to fill up before getting too cold. 30F, but I was dancing in the checkout line imagining how happy everyone would be when she was found. As we drew near the mountain, my hopes began to waver. The temperature had been dropping the entire time. We passed huge icicles and snow on the ground on the wavy road there, ad by the time we'd gotten to the tiny store and hotel there at 7am, the dash read 5F. We stopped to don our last layers and use the bathrooms before beginning a rough day. As we stepped out, the cold air whipped down the slope and ripped the rime off the trees. My breath caught in my chest; how could anyone live in this or more than an hour? "Ella," I reminded myself. "She's got Ella." At the trailhead, we were the first people there aside from two policemen. They stopped us and said that the helicopter was up and they weren't allowing people up the slope until it was done flying. They expected to be done by 10:30am, so they sent us all back to the little store to wait it out in the warm. As we got there, the first news van (11 alive) pulled up. One reporter went up the road to talk to police, the second stayed with us at the store. People were jovial and talkative. Hopes were high. The second reporter, Julie Wolfe, began to interview a store employee. It was then that we learned a new bit of terrifying information: Meredith's water and Ella's leash hadn't been found alone. With them were a pair of men's sunglasses and a police-style baton. A weapon. The bottom dropped out of my stomach and I heard myself gasp quietly. Suddenly, she wasn't lost anymore, she'd been attacked, taken, maybe even hurt and left to die. As the day progressed, officials came to give us updates and pray, we were moved to a central location, and a few teams of hikers were allowed up the mountainside. The vast majority of the gathered volunteers were left sitting around for hours, which made me angry. I could understand that the search didn't need to be for more than one person, but I felt that there were more than enough experienced people there to lead a few unexperienced with them. The hours crept by and the news got worse and worse. No sign of her, but lots of people report seeing her with someone else with a dog. That same someone may have had a baton on his leg. I shed a few fearful tears as the thought that she might have been taken crept in on me. We were all sent home that night, being told that only professionals were allowed back the next day. We got back exhausted and wind-burned, but I was still telling myself she had Ella and she'd be fine. She just fell down a slope and hurt herself, but she was fine. I had to go to a convention the next day, Friday. I worried she'd be found hurt and I wouldn't be able to see her in the hospital for a week. The day went by with no news. The man was being looked for, but nothing new had been found. Finally, at the end of th

how to clean fitted hats
how to clean fitted hats
Dorfman Pacific Men's Big Brim Bonnie Hat, Light Olive Khaki, X-Large
Big Brim Supplex Hat by Dorfman Pacific. Since 1921 Dorfman Pacific has prided itself in being one of the largest full-line, head wear companies in the world. The classic boonie shaped cap comes to you with a larger 3 1/4" brim to provide extra protection from sun and rain. The green underbrim helps to reflect away the sun. The cushioned Coolmax sweatband and the mesh inside, combined with the all around light material, are all designed to keep you cool; making it great for the summer heat. The elastic adjustable top band and the adjustable chin cord will provide a comfortable fit, and will make sure the hat will not blow away. Available in Khaki in sizes Small (size 6 3/4 - 6 7/8, 21 1/8 - 21.5 inches), Medium (size 7 - 7 1/8, 21 7/8 - 22.25 inches), Large (size 7 1/4 - 7 3/8, 22 5/8 - 23 inches), and X-Large (size 7 1/2 - 7 5/8, 23.5 - 23 7/8 inches).

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