Green Carpet Cleaning Companies

green carpet cleaning companies
    carpet cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning, for beautification, and the removal of stains, dirt, grit, sand, and allergens can be achieved by several methods, both traditional and modern.
  • (carpet cleaner) foam or liquid soap used on rugs and carpets
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green carpet cleaning companies - Trashed Green
Trashed Green Carpet Cleaning Pre-Spray and Detergent
Trashed Green Carpet Cleaning Pre-Spray and Detergent
Safest environmental product on the market. Not only that, the dilution is 1:64 and for unbelievable performance we added Oxygen and Citrus. It is a prespray and a detergent in one for carpets, tile, and grout. It also removes mold and mildew. Use trashed green for a carpet prespray, carpet cleaning chemical, tile and grout cleaning, hardsurface cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and as an unbelievable spotter when used at 1:16 dilution. So throw away all those overlapping products from other manufacturers. Using this product, you can easily get 10 cents more per sq. ft. (or up to 33% more).

78% (18)
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procarpetservice green cleaning ny
procarpetservice green cleaning ny
Look no more for a Certified Cleaning Company! We are the only one in your area! Free Estimate / Free Rug Pick Up / Free Delivery Save $35 for any cleaning service when you call 201.916.1778 We bring the shine in your house!

green carpet cleaning companies
green carpet cleaning companies
Green Pack Grease Eater
Pre-spray. Build-up, trashed traffic lanes, greasy restaurants, oily facilities, trashed out apartment carpets, greasy floors (ceramic, grout, etc), stale odor from lack of cleaning, organic stains, protein stains, oil-based stains and anything you throw at it. This is a very powerful product, yet has natural ingredients. When using, do not over-spray, as gravity will take the stains down very quickly, Instead, mist and clean. A water dissolvable bag made of detergent. Pre-measured to reduce detergent wastage. No breathing of detergent fumes. No touching of detergent. Helps spot employee waste and theft. Saves labor by reducing measuring time. Bags dissolve in water eliminating waste. Concentrated powder eliminates the cost of shipping water that you can add yourself. Each jar makes up to 32 gal.. Costing less than competitors liquid pre-spray. Use it for improving your Green marketing campaigns. Grease Eater 1 jar makes 32 gallons. $25.99 a jar. Contains 32 bags. Professionals use it to clean dirty carpets!
"Before using Grease Eater, we used to have to scrub the carpets first. But with Grease Eater we just use wands due to the fact the Grease Eater is doing all of the work. It just makes the job go a lot quicker since we will not have to go over it with the rotary and also the wand. It has cut down that job by about 45 minutes." Mike Elliott, Clean USA, Aurora, IL
"I use Grease Eater on Tile and Grout. I use it for both commercial and residential tile and grout and it cleans 10x much better than any other product I've tried!" Michael Olsen, Olsen's Carpet Cleaning, Carson City, NV

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