Clean Pc Fan

clean pc fan
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PC Autopsy - Were there any Survivors?
PC Autopsy - Were there any Survivors?
PART IV [Beginning of the story at the first photo] ...When I got to the fan, I managed to get out of there an amount of dust that is still all around my room. I put all the parts together and was surprised to see that there were no extra screws left. After all, it's just like a Lego set, only one more expensive and designed for grown-up kids. :) This story of mine has a rather happy ending - today, I played Call of Duty 4 for a couple of hours with a buddy, and my laptop didn't even get warm. The CPU temperature was stable and low. Keep your fans clean and take care! ~Victor [The End - kudos to anyone who read it all]
New PC: Case front
New PC: Case front
Finished building my new PC tonight. Lovely case to work with (CoolerMaster HAF912) which along with the modular PSU (Corsair HX650) made it a nice clean build. EVGA GTX560Ti GPU is doing the trick, along with the i5/2500K CPU, 2x4GB of CL8 Corsair RAM, a couple of fast (and quiet) WD CaviarBlack 1TB HDDs, and a stonking (but inexpensive) Coolermaster CPU radiator. Now its a few days of software installs and tweaking and I'll be in Simming nirvana :)

clean pc fan
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