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A bit about us by Julie Britten.


         Run by people who have Fibromyalgia  for people who suffer from Fibro. 
      We welcome,Partners,Carers, Family & Friends. Helping to spread the word that 
                     YOU ARE NOT ALONE and IT IS NOT ALL IN YOUR HEAD.
                 We offer you a place to come and chat about this life changing disorder.
             We offer support, compassion and a friendly ear.

        Trowbridge Fibromyalgia Coffee & Chat group was formed in 2012 after several people answered an article in the Wiltshire Times about Fibromyalgia & Awareness of this awful disorder.
  A meeting was set up between 2 people. They then decided that they would form a group for people with Fibro. 
             A first meet was setup in Wetherspoons by the park. 
  The group soon grew and they now meet once a month in The Community Room, Tesco's County Way, Trowbridge

    The Bath Group was formed some time after Trowbridge.  It was asked if after the success of the Trowbridge group that one could be set up in Bath. 
 The need for a group in Bath is high. 
 Eventually a place was found for our meets and the group was formed. 
 The first meeting was held on Wednesday 29th May 2013,which i attended.
 Our venue is The Isambard Room in The Royal Hotel, Manvers Street ,Bath.
 It was a monthly meet at first on a Wednesday morning.The demand soon grew for an evening meet as well. This is now  held on a Tuesday @ 7.30 pm. The evenings are just as popular as the days.They also allow those that work the opportunity to come along.
      Both groups spend a lot of time raising awareness of this awful debilitating disorder.We are self funding and raise money by having raffles at meets, making cards, ribbons and other craft items to sell. This enables us to buy printer inks,paper etc so as we can advertise the groups via Posters, leaflets etc.
We have been extremely lucky and have had a couple of generous donations from organizations, for which we are truly grateful. We are hoping to be able to put some articles in local papers and magazines to generate more interest as we grow from strength to strength.                                                                                                                                                                             
   We have put adverts in local Drs,Hospitals,Schools,Colleges, Supermarkets,Church Halls etc.
 We have even have held Awareness tables in the foyers of the RUH & RNHRD in Bath.
 We  recently took part in 2 public events in Trowbridge Park where a lot of people didn't know that there was support out there for people with Fibromyalgia. We feel very proud of the fact that we are able to provide a friendly face for people to come and talk to.  This has proved to be very popular as more and more people joining. Either at a meet or online via our Facebook Pages.  Even at the local hospitals where people have just been diagnosed ,we have been able to give people informative booklets from FMA UK plus information of group meets near them.
Both groups have in-excess of 100 members each. We have 3 Facebook pages  providing support and updates on  Fibro. More people are joining weekly.
  I for one am so very grateful to the founders of both groups as it has given both my family and myself a greater understanding of Fibromyalgia.
 The most important thing is the fantastic amount of friends that i have made along the way and continue to make.

                                         Thank you Fibro Buddies for your continued support.

                                                Our group motto is   "Together We Are Stronger"