Commercial Carpet Chicago. Carpets Lanarkshire.

Commercial Carpet Chicago

commercial carpet chicago
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Define & Conquer
Define & Conquer
Inspired by the ageless, straight line design of classic business suits, Define & Conquer from Patcraft Designweave features a classic stripe permeated with textural patterning and saturated by a lush color palette. Specify Define & Conquer to create an unparalleled interior space that makes your customers happy and leaves you with a pocket full of change for your favorite bookcase, sofa, desk-chair or Tschosky. Define & Conquer. Great design is all in a day’s work.
Entice is Nice
Entice is Nice
An alluring design that entices your customer to go on and on about their space. Nice. Price points that won’t blow your budget. Even nicer. Inspired by the stylized connectivity, color contrasts and textured design of heirloom textiles, Entice is Nice from Patcraft Designweave is designed to create an interiors space that will keep them talking. Have the freedom to roll out countless opportunities for captivating the hearts and soles of architects, designers and end-users.

commercial carpet chicago
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