Winchester Homes Floor Plans

winchester homes floor plans
    floor plans
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  • Winchester is the county town of Hampshire, in South East England. It lies at the heart of the wider City of Winchester, a local government district, and is located at the western end of the South Downs, along the course of the River Itchen.
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winchester homes floor plans - Suncast A01B37C03
Suncast A01B37C03 Storage Building, 10-ft x 12-ft
Suncast A01B37C03 Storage Building, 10-ft x 12-ft
Suncast 10 x 12 1/2' Storage Building provides a cozy home for lawn and garden equipment, pool supplies and patio furniture! And it goes together in a snap... literally! The large panel design snaps together with NO TOOLS necessary! So whether you're a handy man or the anti-Bob Villa, you won't have to take a week off work to build the storage shed you want for the organization you need! It's "home sweet home" for your equipment, supplies and accessories: 4 windows with shutters, 4 window boxes and a cupola; Skylight helps keep interior bright; Durable resin construction, including floor; Lockable doors with upper and lower latches; 4'8" w. x 5'8" h. door opening; 775 cu. ft. capacity; Taupe and bronze exterior fits in with all kinds of tastes and styles. Don't let that scattered mess take over your yard this summer! Order yours now! Suncast Storage Building, 10x12 1/2'

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CHARMING HOME WITH PRIVATE BACK YARD! Open floor plan. Kitchen with maple cabinets and stainless steel appliances. Professionally finished basement with second Kitchen. Deck and Patio with gas fire pit ~2009. Mini Sport Court. New roof 2011, new front door, new sump pump 2008. First Floor Master Suite. Close to schools, parks and shopping. 4 BR’s, 2 Full and 2 Half Baths. Over 3,200 SF! Canal Winchester Schools. Only $239,700! Call DeLena Today!
Winchester hotel driveway
Winchester hotel driveway
Check out that lawbreaker! The hotel was literally steps from the cathedral. Some *special* people got cathedral view rooms, and other non-special people like myself and Liz got STREET view rooms.

winchester homes floor plans
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