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Bathroom Storage Heaters

bathroom storage heaters
    storage heaters
  • An electric heater that accumulates heat in water or bricks during the night (when electricity is cheaper) and releases it during the day
  • (Storage heater) A storage heater is an electrical home appliance which stores thermal energy during the evening, or at night when base load electricity is available at lower cost, and releases the heat during the day as required.
  • A set of matching units to be fitted in such a room, esp. as sold together
  • A room containing a toilet
  • A room containing a bathtub or a shower and usually also a washbasin and a toilet
  • A bathroom is a room that may have different functions depending on the culturalist context. In the most literal sense, the word bathroom means "a room with a bath".
  • a room (as in a residence) containing a bathtub or shower and usually a washbasin and toilet
  • toilet: a room or building equipped with one or more toilets

Act of storing, act of setting aside goods and materials for future use; space in which items can be stored. I am emptying this old bathroom. Installing a air process heater in here. I found a NAD amplifier, a TV, a couple of satellite receivers and many old cardboard boxes.
My New Bathroom Vibe
My New Bathroom Vibe
Thanks to my mother for hooking this up. SJ said I made it "a real bathroom". Still a work in progress, anyone know how to clean those heater things? Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

bathroom storage heaters
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