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If you are looking for quality bathroom renovators in Sydney, call the Reno Masters on (02) 8607 8041 to arrange a home consultation. We can handle it all - bathroom design ideas, bathroom remodeling through to full renovations, small bathrooms or large, at a great price.

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Bathroom Remodelers & Renovators

Do you have an outdated or damaged bathroom? Do some of your bathroom equipment start to malfunction? Maybe you are already looking for someone to renovate your bathroom into a much more updated style. We have exactly the experts you need for your bathroom remodelling needs. We specialize in bathroom remodelling by using advanced renovation methods that are not messy and certainly not expensive.

Our showers

Everyone knows that the shower is a necessity on any modern bathroom design. Quality showers should always be sought simply because they are used regularly by every member of the household.

Showers may soon start to wear out after continuous use which is why we offer quality shower installation to our clients. Our showers are modern and rust-free.

Our bathtubs

If you want to change the look of your bathroom without completely renovating it, you can start by changing your bathtubs. Outdated bathtubs do not look very pleasant and may not have the right features for your convenience. We also offer modern bathtubs at affordable prices.

Our team is here to help with any bathroom remodelling work. We can help you carry out your plans without the high costs.

Bathroom Renovations

Our Bathroom Renovation Costs

One of our specialties is providing quality bathroom remodelling and renovation to our valued clients without the high price tag. It is a strategy that has earned us a good reputation to the public. We strongly believe that quality and affordability should be offered altogether. We like to work within the budget of our clients.

For basic bathroom remodels, you just need around $15,000-$20,000 for the entire project. Clients with higher budget, like around $25,000-$40,000, may go with our mid-range to high-end bathroom renovation. The cost may vary depending on the scope of work, number of fixtures to be replaced or repaired, and the local price of the materials needed to complete the project.

We Are Cheap Bathroom Renovators

We understand clients with tight budget for complete bathroom renovation. We offer alternative options for them that are cheaper but would still meet their expectations. We provide minor bathroom renovations such as tile resurfacing, fixture repair, repainting, and installation of bathroom accessories. We also give professional advice to clients who are seeking for luxurious renovation but with limited budget.


We Offer Small Bathroom Renovations

If you only have a small bathroom, we offer a quick renovation for it. We can give it a fresh new look and make it appear more spacious in just a short amount of time. Our team for small bathroom renovations are highly-skilled and can carry out the work in a timely and efficient manner. Call us today to know more about our special offers.


Bathroom Design

It is always practical to plan for ways to improve the appearance of your home. One of the most important areas of your house is your bathroom, knowing that it is used regularly by all members of the family and even guests. Our company provides a way to help homeowners in their decision to renovate their bathrooms. Upgrading your bathroom design will definitely increase your home’s overall value.

We always make sure to hear out our clients before any actual renovation is done. We may provide professional suggestions for clients who do have any concrete idea for their bathroom design. The project essentials, such as colour schemes, budget, and timescale, will be discussed personally by our team.

We have a team of talented designers to work through with the entire bathroom renovation. We will make sure to meet your expectations after the project is completed. We will keep you informed for any alterations needed while the renovation is still ongoing.

Give us a call and book a design appointment today to see the latest designs our professional bathroom renovators have made.


Tile Contractor

Quality-oriented Bathroom Tilers

We also specialize in bathroom tiling. We have a wide range of tile designs that can be very useful for your new bathroom design. We have already built a good reputation of quality tiling jobs over the years of our service. We certainly know how important the tiling is which is why we make sure every tiling project is carried out professionally.

With the right tiles, your bathroom would look fresh and comfortable to be in all the time. Our tile designs are also updated to provide a modern look to the area. We also do wall tiling aside from the standard floor tiling our team takes pride of.

Tile Resurfacing Services

If you already have tiles installed but are already unpleasant to look at, you might consider replacing them. We also offer tile resurfacing services to clients with such concern. It involves practical methods of making your tiles look new without the need for replacements. We understand the tiles can very expensive, especially if you are utilizing modern ones. Once you give us a call, we will send a team to check the condition of your tiles and assess whether tile resurfacing can still be done or not.


Sydney Bathroom Reno Masters

You should always make sure that the people who works on your bathroom renovation is reliable, licensed, and experienced bathroom renovators. Fortunately, our team is composed with just the right people. Our company has been in the industry for many years; thus earning us a reputation of quality renovation jobs to the people of Sydney. We already see to it that our projects exceed our clients’ expectations.

We Use the Highest Quality Materials

Many homeowners hesitate to go for bathroom renovations because of the high cost that goes along with them. Although we offer affordable alternative for clients with limited budget, we also make sure to only use the highest quality materials for our high-end projects. We take the time to discuss with our clients the things they want in their new bathroom. We start to work with the ideas given by our clients and utilize advanced methods in installing new fixtures, without damaging any other parts of the bathroom. The materials we use are highly-durable and have been proven to last for several years. We make sure to provide safety, maximum durability, functionality, and stability with our quality fixtures.

We Listen to the Needs of Our Clients

We have earned a good reputation for listening and communicating to our clients in a professional manner. This has enabled us to fully understand the needs of our clients and come up with a strategic plan to execute their wants. We always believe that customers are always right and should be prioritized above anything else. We may have a team of experts but we are always willing to listen to our clients.

We are Properly Licensed and Insured

We cannot be in the industry if we do not have the necessary credentials and permit to operate. Our services are also legit and have gone through a series of quality assurance over the years. We also have experienced multiple inspections by the government and it has helped us improve our services. Our staff follows a set of standards imposed by our company and the local government.

At Sydney Bathroom Reno Masters, we make sure that there will be no bogus in the services we offer. We are covered with insurance so that in any case mishaps happen during our projects, the clients will take no liability. With us, your security is considered as of utmost importance.

We Work on Design

With your consultation, our designers create a design for your new bathroom. We only initiate the project once you agree with a design. We always make sure that the customer expectations will be incorporated on the final design. The basic elements of designing will be consulted to the client, including colour, type of fixtures, and texture. In any case where modifications are required to the agreed design, we will make sure to keep the clients updated before making any further move.

We Guarantee Our Work

We are honest and dependable in all our work. Once a contract is signed by our team and the client, we do all we can to meet the terms of the contract. Any agreed amount for the charges will not change during, or after the course of the renovation project. We guarantee our clients that all renovation work is performed in a professional and timely manner.

We Provide Full Warranty Support

To make sure that you are getting the most out of your renovation expenses with us, we provide full warranty support to our valued clients. Our products come with warranties so in any case one of them starts to malfunction, we can send a team to repair or replace it. We never let our clients suffer.

We Deliver First-class Bathroom at Reasonable Prices

At Sydney Bathroom Reno Master, we know how important bathrooms are in the home. We specialize in first-class bathroom renovations without the high price tags. Our rates may vary depending on the size of the project but we make sure that all prices are reasonable. We never compromise quality in any of our projects. Improving bathroom designs to a modern finish is always our main goal.

We are Client-oriented

Our mission is to always meet 100% satisfaction rate with all our clients. We serve diligently in completing our renovation projects at their expected completion dates. We customize bathrooms according to our client’s dictates without compromising professional renovation. Bathroom remodelling can take a lot of time to complete but it will all be worth it in the end. We always make sure that our clients get the value for their money.


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