What does makeup primer do - How to make natural makeup.

What Does Makeup Primer Do

what does makeup primer do
  • Cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance
  • The composition or constitution of something
  • The combination of qualities that form a person's temperament
  • an event that is substituted for a previously cancelled event; "he missed the test and had to take a makeup"; "the two teams played a makeup one week later"
  • constitution: the way in which someone or something is composed
  • cosmetics applied to the face to improve or change your appearance
  • An elementary textbook that serves as an introduction to a subject of study or is used for teaching children to read
  • fuse: any igniter that is used to initiate the burning of a propellant
  • an introductory textbook
  • flat coat: the first or preliminary coat of paint or size applied to a surface

Adios-Goodbye 2009
Adios-Goodbye 2009
Adios 2009 Se acaba otro ano nominal, y la costumbre mas que la fecha en si nos hace voltear a ver que fue del ano. Hacer memoria de lo acontecido en los ultimos 365 dias, y tratar de ver como fue la vida durante este periodo de tiempo. Que fue 2009 para Jessica. Un ano que inicio bien, con cierta tranquilidad. Que en sus primeras semanas permitio a Jessica aparecer de forma constante, varios fueron los fines de semana en que hizo aparicion. Primer ano en que Jessica iba a un carnaval como espectadora , primero en Merida, donde fue un poco el sentimiento de bicho raro, al ser este carnaval mas familiar, el ser dentro de lo que vi la unica persona trasvesti. Luego unas semanas despues fue en el carnaval de Coatzacoalcos, quiza por ir acompanada, quiza por que en el transcurso observe mas chic@s como yo, quiza por que tenia mas un espiritu de fiesta que de desfile, este carnaval me gusto mas. Ahi en Coatza tambien una experiencia interesante, Jessica en la playa, que si bien fue con ropa de calle (no llevaba traje de bano femenino) fue interesante estar ahi, y hasta en caballo termine montandome. Tambien ahi fue la ocasion en que experimente con el ponerme unas postizas, la sensacion de traer esas unas largas y decoradas, era fantastica, aunque algo problematica ante la falta de costumbre, con lo que muchas cosas tan simples se me complicaban o de plano ni las podia hacer (como abrocharme los zapatos) El ano iniciaba bien, y Jessica podia divertirse agusto saliendo a bailar, a pasear, a viajar. Experimentando con su imagen, peinados y estilos diferentes aprovechando el pelo largo, mandando a hacer un vestido a la medida, Intentando algunos looks diferentes. Luego vino la pausa de mediados de ano, donde Jessica entro en un periodo como de hibernacion veraniega, en si todo yo, la mayoria de los fines de semana en la isla, sin salir a viajar, sin salir a bailar, sin vestirme y tomar fotos, sin escribir en el blog. Ya casi por terminar el ano reaparecio Jessica, eso si con varios (por no decir muchos) kilitos de mas resultado de ese periodo de inactividad. Una reaparicion con nuevos brios, una reaparicion que fue un poco de reaprender, como que la primera salida a bailar con la zapatilla tan alta por la falta de costumbre ya no aguantaba los pies, o reaprender el maquillarme. Afortunadamente hubo algo que no se perdio en ese periodo fuera del aire, la confianza de ser Jessica, de salir a la calle ya fuera a bailar a la disco, o a caminar de dia por las tiendas. No hizo aparicion el miedo. El 2009 despide a Jessica estrenando un bonito vestido en una fiesta navidena, esperando que el proximo ano Jessica exista durante todo el ano con la misma energia con que inicio y termino este. Kisses Feliz Ano Nuevo Jessica Goodbye 2009 Another year by name ends, and more for customary of the date itself is that this year look back is made. To remember the last 365 days, and try to see how life went on that time period. What does 2009 was for Jessica. A year that started good, a certain level of tranquility. That on early weeks allowed Jessica to show off in a somewhat constant way, being out there several weekends. A first year that Jessica went to watch the Carnaval, first on Merida, where there was a little feeling of "being the weird one" since I saw no other trasvestite person, and that Carnaval was more like a Parade targeted to families. A few weeks laters I went to the Carnaval in Coatzacoalcos, perhaps because I went there with other people, maybe because there were more girls like me, or due to that Carnaval having more a party spirit that a parade look, I enjoyed that one more. And in Coatza there was a first interesting experience, going to the beach as Jessica, and even when I went there on plain clothes (no girl swimsuit) it was an interesting experience, I even ended up riding a horse. Also this year was a first to try doing long nails (the non-glued ones) with colors and decorations, It was amazing to have those pretty nails on my hands, but it was also a bit problematic not being used to them, so simple things like to tie my shoes were too dificult or just imposible to do. A good year start, Jessica going out, dancing, shopping, travelling. A time to experiment with my looks and image, to try a few different hair-does, to take advantage of my now long hair, even had a dress custom made to fit. Then there was the mid-year pause, a long pause, when Jessica entered like a summer hibernation period, spending all weekends on the island,no travelling, no dancing, no goint out, no dressing, no writing or posting photos. By the time the year was close to ending is that Jessica reappeared, with a few extra weight on her, due to all that less activity on summer. A coming back, that fortunately had a good amount of energy, where I had to relearn a few things, like how to do my makeup, or to spent a whole night on high heels, the first night out dancing my feet ended up in pain for not being used.
Look 110-3
Look 110-3
3rd pose of look 110. Today I am playing with my super sexy new water based Kryolan UV 6 color palette. Yes, thats right it GLOWS under black light. All the colors are neon and so bright they could blind you. Today I tested the Green. In the palette the green hardly glows under black light but on skin it does way better. Here's What it looks like directly under a black light. Kinda creepy, kinda fun - HELLA SWEET! WATERMELON INSPIRED EYES! Kryolan Palette UV Green for whole lid with Beauties Factory 120 Palette Neon Green #25 on top. Ben Nye Azalea is above it blended into the crease and Ben Nye Iced Gold was used for highlight. Pencil Me in liner in Emerald City to line under eye and water line. Today when I was putting on the green Kryolan it was going on like shit, all streaky and clumpy and creasy. I was like "WTF?" I was seriously pissed and ready to throw it against a wall until I realized - "shit, I forgot to put on an eyeshadow base!" I don't normally make a stupid mistake like that but it explained why it went on so well yesterday and like crap today. It also showed what an amazing difference a good eyeshadow primer can make. I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance btw, its AMAZING. Better than urben decay or mac in my opinion. After I cleaned up the mess and put my primer on the kryolan went on like a dream - well I learned my lesson.

what does makeup primer do