Excerpt Of Book


 I remember seeing a real life mushroom cloud over the pile.

By this time I am in unbearable pain, I believed I dropped the gas can before I tried  running towards the front of the fence where Minister Frye stood. But I was still pinned up against the fence and through the fire I could see Minister Frye and some of the other men. I will never forget the look on their faces as I yelled, “Help me Minister Frye, put me out!” I remember the view of absolute horror, confusion, fear, and hopelessness in their eyes while their bodies stood temporarily froze from the shock of it all.

 My mind was moving fast but God allowed the Holy Spirit to talk me through step by step and brought all things back to my mind. I started to roll on the ground but the flames didn’t go out. Somehow God allowed me take off my shirt and instructed me to roll in the ditch the opposite side of the fire. (Keep in mind this is happening in a matter of seconds), so I rolled in the ditch.

The ditch didn’t have any water just a slight layer of mud so I began to roll in the mud like a wild pig in a South Louisiana April storm. I began yelling out to the men to put mud on me. Finally Minister Frye jumped to my side as the flames disappeared and helped cover me in mud.

After the flames were put out and I was able to turn over I looked up and saw Brother Garner with a small pot of water in his hands. While in unearthly pain I laugh in my heart. The brothers stood around me in hysteria and disbelief as I laid in that ditch. At that time something came over me as I spoke these words, “Alright Brothers you know what to do. Go get the oil I need your prayers.” Before they began to pray Brother Garner brought the oil as I was pulling myself together to stand up. I walked towards Deacon Gage and told him to call 911 and my wife.

I glanced across the street and saw Mrs. Carla. I remembered that she was a nurse from a research meeting I had for work.  So I walk across the road and ask her was there anything special I needed to do and she told me help was on the way as she talk to the 911 operator through her tightly grip cell phone. I then walk back across the road. Things were moving so fast, confusion was everywhere.

With burnt flesh hanging from my face and body I called out commands to the men as is if I were a sergeant in the army. I yelled get my wallet, my Bluetooth and cell out the ditch. Deacon Gage who was also on the phone with 911 said, the operator wanted them to run water on me. So I told Deacon Carter where the hose pipe was and where to hook it up. I walk over to the hose pipe and grabbed it from Deacon Carter hands and began to pour water on my body. As the water flowed down my pain stricken body I heard a voice say “not too much water you could go in shock.” as I raised my head I saw the first responders, and the fire department. Seconds later the ambulance pulled up and then the police. 

The police officers ask me what happen at the same time of the EMS workers did. God allowed me to keep me level headed and I answer some question for the police as the EMS workers loaded me up. Someone handed me my wallet and I showed the officers my driver license and off I went.

The sirens ripped through the air as the EMS worker started to run an IV to keep down infection. I ask him to give me something for pain. He told me that he had to call in before he could prescribe a dosage. I was able to hear them talking over the radio. Meanwhile the pain was so great, I just asked the lord to take my mind to a different place. It felt like I was still on fire. As if the flames were still eating at my skin.


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