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Sauna Heaters 110v

sauna heaters 110v
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Sauna Interior Night
Sauna Interior Night
The translucent box (Panelite and Peruvian walnut) contains the actual sauna space within the larger open space of the building. At night, this translucent box is lit from the exterior towards the interior, causing nearly all of the light to bounce off the exterior of the Panelite giving the interior of the sauna ample privacy despite its translucent nature. It also creates a glowing effect for those inside the sauna. This photo shows the two massage table benches and the primitive Chinese stone basin on the floor that provides water for sponging off or throwing on the heater rocks.
600th picture on the Finnish strobist group! =) Sitting in a sauna gave me an idea for this shot. The water didn't work quite like I wanted it to.. Imitated ambient light fixture with one flash on the left with a CTO gel. Another flash left and high up near the ceiling with a grid spot hitting the.. what do you call it.. kiuas? =)

sauna heaters 110v
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