Hot Water Room Heaters. Space Heater Reviews 2011

Hot Water Room Heaters

hot water room heaters
    hot water
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wood hot water
wood hot water
Wood fired hot water heater for the rooms at the Kunene River Lodge. The wood is loaded into a stove, underneath a water tank. The chimney runs up the middle, and the water is headed from the chimney and from the fire beneath. I don't think it would work very well in a wet climate, because the smoke would cool too quickly and leave creosote deposits that would then insulate the water from the chimney. even so, i want to try it.....this could be a good hot tub heater concept.
Hot Water Heater Valve Of Death 666
Hot Water Heater Valve Of Death 666
Gil Engle told me that you need to excercize this valve every 6 months... that it could possibly explode if it went bad... And take out a good chunk of the house.

Suffice to say, it stuck with me.

Though I think in 6 yrs I've only excercized it 5 times or so.

Hopefully it wont explode before I finish this co

hot water room heaters
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