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Decorative Kitchen Wall Clocks

decorative kitchen wall clocks
    wall clocks
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decorative kitchen wall clocks - Wall Clock
Wall Clock or Kitchen Wall Clock - Decorative Hanging - Tea Theme Design
Wall Clock or Kitchen Wall Clock - Decorative Hanging - Tea Theme Design
Ships immediately from Decorative Things in NYC, USA. Decorative wall clocks that tell you time in a charming way. These decorative wall clocks are pretty wall clocks to hang as wall decor, even if you don't need a clock. Kitchen wall clocks often are what tells us when it's time to start the day and when it's time to end it so decorative wall clocks can be a vital part of daily kitchen decor. Choose a decorative wall clock with a tea time theme or coffee break theme. Morning or night, our hanging clocks are an easy way to help you find the time in a glance. These decorative wall clocks will always be there when you need them. - 13.5" diameter tin wall clock. - Wall clock requires 2 Double A batteries. Included. - Wall clock is imported from France by Decorative Things.

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Sunbeam Kitchen Wall Clock - 2
Sunbeam Kitchen Wall Clock - 2
Here is all the original packaging. It still has the guarantee and list of authorized service centers. The clock was still in the plastic and the cord remains wrapped with a twist tie. I liked the design on the box. Haven't found any date on this one, but it has a model number: A006 which might be helpful in tracking it down. The brochure has some graphics of other products that sure look to be from the late 50's or early 60's so I'll start there..
Recycled Wire wall clock
Recycled Wire wall clock
Resplendent with such finds as little diamond mirrors and colored wire, this recycled / upcycled vinyl record and cd wall clock features plenty of handpainted random line designs and a metal hoop wrapped with colored wire. Dimensions: 16" x 16" Artist: Justin Potts c. 2000

decorative kitchen wall clocks