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Wall Decoration Idea

wall decoration idea
  • an award for winning a championship or commemorating some other event
  • The process or art of decorating or adorning something
  • Ornamentation
  • A thing that serves as an ornament
  • the act of decorating something (in the hope of making it more attractive)
  • something used to beautify
  • an architectural partition with a height and length greater than its thickness; used to divide or enclose an area or to support another structure; "the south wall had a small window"; "the walls were covered with pictures"
  • anything that suggests a wall in structure or function or effect; "a wall of water"; "a wall of smoke"; "a wall of prejudice"; "negotiations ran into a brick wall"
  • A continuous vertical brick or stone structure that encloses or divides an area of land
  • Any high vertical surface or facade, esp. one that is imposing in scale
  • surround with a wall in order to fortify
  • A side of a building or room, typically forming part of the building's structure
  • A thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action
  • An opinion or belief
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  • mind: your intention; what you intend to do; "he had in mind to see his old teacher"; "the idea of the game is to capture all the pieces"

The Victorians Were Here....
The Victorians Were Here....
Recently, renovation work has started on the house we bought earlier this year and I've been fascinated by some of the small traces of the past that have sat, patiently awaiting discovery until somebody started to peel back the decades... ...I have no idea of the age of this decorative border, discovered beneath the 'sixties or 'seventies wallpaper in the main entranceway. My feeling, given the colours used, is that it may well be a piece of Victorian decoration. The house was built in 1893. Photo taken on Sunday 18th July 2010.
IMG 0027
IMG 0027
Town Center: The large keyboard is built from Lean Cuisine lunch containers then hot-glued to the wall.

wall decoration idea
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