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Entry Hall Decorating Ideas

entry hall decorating ideas
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Last Stand Contest entry: One Last Drink (main picture)
Last Stand Contest entry: One Last Drink (main picture)
German after German, kill after kill. Private Ericson's right behind me, drunk out of his mind, 'though I can't say I blame him. Ever since the company left us behind in this damned place, I've been looking for a way out. So what if alcohol is his? I keep saying to myself that every shot they take will be the end of all this, but I don't know. I think they just want to watch us suffer. Wehrmacht and Waffen SS troops have been pounding us for days…. I’ve held them off for this long but sooner or later this has to end. ~Sergeant Maverick ___________________________________________________________________________ I'm getting this in at kind of the last minute here :P I've been working on this entry, well.... really since the contest was announced! I put a lot of time and effort in, and this build has gone a looooonnnnggggg way since the start. Please everybody, let me know what you think about it! -Ryan
No entry
No entry
Explore: Feb 23, 2008 #295. The Jubilee pub, Cambridge. A snap to show all the no entry signs:-) How is one expected to get to this place!!

entry hall decorating ideas
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