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Sizegenetis is considered to be the best traction devices in the Market.When you visit this page,I think you are trying to find more details about size genetics,or want to get the sizegenetics coupon code for some discount!Yes,you are in the right place.On this post,In includes the latest Sizegenetics coupon code I collect from the internet,and some real sizegenetics customer reviews and also some video of sizegenetics.Hope this information will help you!

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The SizeGenetics penile enlargement is actually a product which includes a penis stretcher, or a penile traction, along with pennis enhancement workouts strategy through PenisHealth. PenisHealth is a in depth penis physical exercises method which come with training videos and photographs to show the way to exercises the male organ. This exercises technique is also more named Jelqing. That is to inspire pennis increase, improve sexual endurance, as well as enhance and handle ejaculation.

To help you understand the Sizegenetics,let's Watch a video:

With the video of sizegenetics,I think you have the first slight of what's sizegenetics,But you may ask does this device really work for male to improve the penis size?My name is Nevst,I am one of the million users of Sizegenetics,When I heard the "Sizegenetics" for the first time from my friend,I also was doubt about it.So,I spend the whole 5 hours to find the truth.Of couse,I didn't get the information via its official site,though there is some testimonials from its official site,but I do believe the real people's saying.Here are the forums I get the answer.

Thread: Does sizegenetics really work??? I was looking foward to purchase sg but $165 but thats llot
of money so i just wanted to know if it really works? How effective it is? And are gains permanent? Is it worth $165? ----------- Not as effective as other devices like the LengthMaster so it's been told. SG does have it's purpose though, such as discretion and passive ability to gain while working or at school etc. ----------- the SG isn't really all that stealthy imo. If you have the time to put it on, I think it's the shit though. Extenders in general are great and the SG provides very good value for the money. ----------- Honestly yes it does work I use it bout 4-5 times a week it's well worth $165 once you put it on it's hands free basically I use it alot when I play call of duty I haven't used the other length products but this is a great one as far as permanent gains I'm not sure but I have gained from using it ----------- Deffonatly works I can say it has worked for me in length and girth ----------- lol..I paid the price on their site before DLD had the special arranged with was like $330 or so...$165 is a hell of a deal. Yes it does work. It's not free, it's not easy it takes time and comittment. Don't buy all the hype about being able to do exercises with it on and crap..that's BS. You have to have time to sit and let it do it's thing. It also helps immensly to have a high threshold of pain... ----------- True on all levels. As a matter of fact there was a time the SizeGenetics/Jes was as much as $1,200.00! At $165 for the extender, the pills, the extra rods, the awesome leather lock box, it is a amazing deal! ----------- Thanx you guys well i hope to get sg soon n hope tobsee gaintls from it ----------- IF you do not gain they offer a money back guarantee... use it for 6 months and if you arent satisfied they will give a refund. I have noticed a small difference in just a week I have been using it. I think the most important part of gaining fast with this is more time you are in the extender, the faster your gains. ----------- Mmmm i see whats the longest you can leave it on in order to get faster gains? ----------- That and taking a pill that increases blood flow I read time and time again are a powerful combo. But I wear it basically as long as I can, permitting what im doing that day. Usually get around 4 hours a day. Sometimes 6-8 ----------- Yes different sessions, it's recommended you take the device off every 30-60 minutes to get circulation going again, and to piss if you have to. Then strap back in. It's good to keep the sessions as close together as possible. ----------- the package was quite private. The statement on my bank account wasn't so private, but that doesn't matter to me

You can read the origin forum from ,Another sizegenetics review post is here;

Hi all, 2 questions. My penis head turns purple after about 30-45 minutes of wearing the device, is that ok? Another is does it matter if you wear the device pointing up or down? Regards, ------- Size Genetics is the best male enhancement device ever! Works very fast, results are permanent! ------- Yes, you can get 2 inches in 6 months. Moreover, if you take penis pills for 6 months - one pill per day - and wear SizeGenetics at least 2 hours per day, you are likely to get 3 inches or even more! This is not my opinion, this is public stats. ------- R.: I don't think anyone wants a SizeGenetics that had another persons penis in it, lol. Actually, I could very well be wrong about that. ------- I've been using PS pills for 2 months & they seem to work fine. I want to buy SizeGenetics to go along with them. I went to SG order page weeks ago to see what the price was for SG & noticed they were offering PS pills. I went back today to find they now offer MaleExtra. They're brand new & have more ing than PS. Any1 know about ME? Same info on all sites & no reviews. Any help appreciated, thx. ------- 1 month since I got my package. Sizegenetics work very well, no side effects and pains. Some forums say it may hurt but no, it doesn't. I will give it my honest 5 stars. ------- im deciding if i should get this or the x4? i dont like to take any pills and it seems to get good results with the sizegenetics, u should take the pills also? for the x4, no pills are mentioned nor required it seems. please help me decide: size genetics with no pills or x4? ------- Just got mine 6 days ago. I've been wearing it about 8 hours/day. Already seems to be a little gain in girth, but nothing in length yet....I'm going to keep at it! The most difficult part was finding the right length to start with, but I think I finally got it sorted out. I'll let you know in about 3 more weeks! ------- I think 19 years is too early to start taking penis pills but penis extender should work fine for you. As far as I know half an inch in 6 months is pretty well if you take pills, SizeGenetics will work faster and you can gain up to 2 inches in 6 months. If you combine both methods it will grow even faster but I am not sure if it's OK for you. ------- hello guys i have aquetion if im 19 years old will the sizegenetics program work for me? im also taking prosolution and doing exercises but they haven't that good. Ive gained like half an inch in like 6 months. is a extender better than exercises? wat do u guys think? thanks guys ------- ya i have bine using sizegenetics for 2 weeks 12 hours a day an my penis looks heavyer and meatier but was wondering if the adjusting the traction like in the dvd matters because my devis dosent do that it still streches my penis though does that mean iam not doing it right? ------- I feel excited, I only used this penis extender for a single week and my penis already enlarged. Size Genetics works wonderful, I added both girth and length, even my flaccid penis looks bigger. I recommend SizeGenetics to everyone, enjoy it! ------- Use these sizegenetics promo codes to get a massive discount: SGCS39, ECON8. Both these coupons offer $50 off SizeGenetics. Enjoy today as these special offers may expire soon. ------- The SizeGenetics penis extender is extremely easy to use, thanks for the instructional DVD. I've been wearing SizeGenetics for 3-5 hours a day, 5 (sometimes 6) days a week. I didn't see results at first 2 weeks but after a third week I noticed my penis became heavier and a bit longer. Now after only 1 month my wife noticed improvements and she is trying to find out what's happened. Ha-ha! ------- SizeGenetics penis extender work MUCH better if you take penis pills. I purchased 6 month supply of ProSolution pills and one simple SizeGenetics penis extender. Took penis pills for 6 months and tried to wear a penis extender at least 3 hours every day. I managed to gain 3 inches, I think this is better than single penis extender gains! ------- used for 30 sessions of which total usage time was about 30 hrs. and got a quarter inch in erect length.u can gain even usin it for 1 hr a day.I do plan on increasing the time up to 2 hrs a day,see what that does i guess.Oh and don't try the pills i tried vig rx and it was junk.Think makes u hard and gives u a little while u use it stop and almost all goes away ...Pfft,use the device its best. ------- Hey guys - How do you create tension in the rods? I tried following the video instructions, pressing the unit towards the body before fastening the strap, I wound the bars, etc...nothing. It is stuck on the forth notch on the bars and I feel no tension what-so-ever. Thanks for anybody that can help. ------- Hi. I received my sizegenetics, but no manual came with it. Since I never tried such a product, I don't even know how to put it together. I contacted their customer support and they sent some instructions that do not work. I can not use it without instructions (pictures would be great). How do you guys use it? Is there a manual available for download? Thanks. ------- See below, it takes 3 months to enlarge your penis from 5" to 6" if you use the system and 2 months if you use the system and take penis pills. So if you want faster results - buy both pills and penis extender, if you want to save some $ - you can use the penis extender alone. ------- James, you should have received a separate DVD with exercise program and online access to the exercise website if you ordered SizeGenetics Ultimate System. A single SizeGenetics device does not come with an exercise program and it's cheaper than complete system. -------- James, it's hard to estimate if it slows you down a lot or a little. According to the average grow stats, it takes 3 months to enlarge your penis from 5" to 6" if you use sinlge penis extender. If you add penis pills or exercise program, it will take 2 months. Hope this helps. ------- I just got the Size Genetics or Jes Extender I have been looking at the dvd and I am still unsure if I am using it right. The traction degree is what confuses me. On the DVD the arms screw down into the springbar. Mine does not do that. Also how do you keep the plastic support from sliding off? Do you push it all the way back until it can go no more? I know I sound retarded but please help me. ------- Love Size Genetics! Just difficult to wear for long periods of time without the head not slipping through, or pain from the lack of blood to the head. As soon as I can figure out how so many people are able to wear it for over 4 hours without any issues, then I can start achieving big gains. So any help would be appreciated guys. Overall solid product though. Plus the customer service is great.

For origin sizegenetics review post,you can follow this: Sizegenetics Rating! ,Those are all real customers discuss about the Sizegenetics,Some said it doesn't work,just waste money,but lots of people stated it work,and helped them improved their size with Genetic.To my opinion,Believe it or not,Try it you can get the answer,Because the Sizegenetic will get you full refund if the device doesn't work for you,So do you lost something?

Then,let's see how does Sizegenetic work?Here I qoute the origin article from its official site:

Imagine a weight trainer lifting a weight. As he does so, with progressively heavier weights, he will stretch and train the muscles he is lifting with.

This causes small micro tears and cell duplications to occur along the muscle, and as the muscle heals, it will become larger, firmer and hold more blood as it gets bigger.

Penis traction devices work in a similar way. You simply attach the device to your penis, and without you lifting a finger, it supplies a steady and constant traction along the Copora Cavernosa (the part of the penis that holds blood during erections).

This can cause the cells in the Copora Cavernosa to actually pull away and eventually split, creating new healthy cells due to cell duplication and allowing the Copora Cavernosa to become larger.

And if you can make the Copora Cavernosa bigger, you can access bigger and harder erections to enjoy!

When you use SizeGenetics as directed, your penis can respond to the traction. It’s that simple. The medical community has long been aware that the body has amazing ability to grow, and has used traction technology in a wide variety of medical treatments, including for the stretching of stunted arms and legs. Now this traction technology can be applied safely to YOUR penis.

You can also watch the video see how Sizegenetic work below:

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Below is a guy,who use sizegenetics after 5 month,and opened a thread,Here I quote it here:

Hey guys

Ive been using the SizeGenetics for about 4-5 Months and so far I have seen a 1 centimeter gain.

Im very gratefull! And im very happy with these results. But compared to most guys on multiple forums.. In that amount of time.. Most have gained WAY more then what ive gained.. I do understand that pe is a slow process / not everyone gains the same .. and to reach my goals it will probably take 2-3 years

Which leads me to wonder.. Could I have done something different to maybe recieve more gains?

My routine was 9-12 Hours of SG everyday religiously. I would take rest days when needed most of the time.

I have been setting the sizegenetics 1cm above my fully flacid outstreched penis..

I used to have to move the bars up untill I would reach that point..

But now I just have the correct ammount of bars on right now so I dont have to do any adjustments to the bars (meaning .. All I do is strap in and im all set, the SG is already set 1cm above my full outstreched penis)

I was wondering from the experts.. Is it ok to continue with what I said above ?^^ (Is it ok to be streching more than 1cm above your fully outstreched flacid penis?) Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!

( Side note- I am doing manual exercises/Bathmate now, but I know I am doing those 2 correctly)


How much tension are you using? That's the important part.


size genetics
Thats what im saying. Im not using any tension. My extender is slready set 1cm above my fully outstreched penis so I dont have to adjust the tension bars to that point.

Im not sure at this point in time for me.. Is it ok to be streching above 1cm of my fully outstreched penis as sizegenetics reccomends?


Sizegenetics goes with tension like most extenders it's about grams, they all recommend between 600-900g is the best, so as long as you're doing that it's far more better to extend by going 1cm past etc etc. Go with tension.


Alright so say if im 5 1/8 fully erect and 5 3/8 fully outstreched flacid. How far should I strech out to? I just dont wana goo too long or now long enough.


No clue, tension will show how much you stretch to, and everyone stretches different. If you don't know how to apply tension I'm pretty sure it shows in the size genetics video, those 3 little lines on the bars, so I think it uses 1500 gram springs so the lines will be 500-1000-1500, maybe try to get between the first and second line.


Is it confortable to wear this extender or how frequent do you use it?


Yes its comfortable. I wear it during work and I have 8-9 hour shifts


It also takes me at least 4 months to gain 1 cm no matter what routine I perform as well as how intensive it is or what devices I am using (I have done PE since 2009 with breaks). The funny thing is that for my penis it usually takes 1 month to gain 0.5 cm and the next 2 months even if I follow with the same daily routine (that I gained mentioned 0.5 cm with) I will only cement this 0.5 growth and my penis will not 'reach further' on the ruller than this 0.5 cm gain. Usualy in the fourth month my penis starts to grow further.
This is annoying but it is a fact which I have to take into consideration if I plan to enlarge my penis any further.

My goal is 15,3 cm. Right now I am 14 cm. I estimate that I will reach my goal not earlier than March 2013 - even with daily constant dedication to PE.


Dam :/ so your just like me.

Ive done my research for hours.. On multiple credited websites.. And going through many extender result topics..

It seems it takes 1000-1200 Hrs to get half an inch...

So if I use the extender only.. Im currently 5 3/8.. To get 6 inches its gona take 9 1/2 months./ 7 inches =19 months / 8 inches = 28 months / 9 inches = 38 months ( 2 on 1 off 9 hours of extender use)

So thats why ive most recently started incorporating Bathmate/manual exercises. And im thinkin
sizegenetics scam
about strechin in a couple months.

But atm my routine looks like this
1)10 minutes of warming up with bathmate at 0 pressure with warm water.

2) 20 min bathmate session doing all possible streches while doing kegals.

3) jelq for 15 min (gona bump up soon)

4) sizegenetics for 9-12 hrs

5) at nightime another bathmate session. 20 min.

6) 2 days pe 1 off repeat.

Im actually following a routine on another site that saids this is perfect for slow gainers like us. (Can handle it after 3 months of conditioning)


You can't predict penis enlargement like that, if you gained 1" in 1 year it doesn't mean you will be 5" in 5 years. It's kinda like training if you increased 30kg's in how much you could bench it wouldn't take the same time to increase another 30kg it would take longer.

Who told you that it would take 1000-1200 hours to gain .5"? was it from a trustworthy source (nearly no source is trustworty if they say such a thing, .. they act like this "it happened for this guy so it happens for everyone, well now are we done doing research on this device you gain that much in 1000 hours period."

You can see the origin post here: all,Hope this sizegenetics page you help you,Use the below link save you money,Limit Time,bye!