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First,let's watch a bathmate video how it work from youtube,Here i quote it below:

Second,let's keep deeply study the bathmate,what's is bathmate,take look the snipest on its official site:

Bathmate is a simple, yet elegant Penis Enlargement device that everyone can use; it is so simple! Bathmate is the most famous Penis Pump in the world and has been sold all over the world for the past five years. The reason for the Bathmates success is simple: It Works! You gain a longer, thicker penis in matter of weeks, thanks to the innovative design of the Bathmate penis pump.

So,you know bathmate is a penis enhancement device for male now!In fact there are lots of penis enlargement device availabe in the market now.the first thing you may want to know it "does bathmate really work?".I search the bathmate review on and some bathmate forum,there are lots kinds of reply with for this question,Here I quotes some of them:

I'm going to go out on a limb here, but I don't think the Bathmate works. I do not believe for one second someone gained 3 inches using the bathmate and the bathmate only. Also, I think having the padding close to your spermatic cord is dangerous. If positioned wrong you could really harm yourself. I've never found that the Bathmate keeps your penis erect by positive blood flow because of suction. If this isn't the case, than all it's doing is causing the layers of skin to expand and appear bigger because of fluid build up. I think those who have had success with the bathmate have had so because of other methods being used. If you have gained, really gained, from the bathmate and the bathmate only then please let me know. Outside of some serious proof and not claims, I'm going to have to recommend not buying one. I've never used another pumping device, so I can't blanket my statement but if the bathmate works on the same principles as other pumps then I would have to include them also. --------------------- I've never heard of anyone claiming gains strictly off of the Bathmate but lots of people claim it's a great ADDITION to their routine. Maybe similar to how nobody
has gained from warmups but they're a great addition to a routine? I've never tried a bathmate so I can't really say anything here though. EDIT: If bathmate doesn't work then I would think the same would be said for any regular pump right? They use the same exact method for growth (putting your penis into a vacuum of sorts). The only difference is water. In my opinion, water would have 2 effects: (1) I personally find it's harder to maintain an erection in water, so maybe this is why you can't maintain an erection in it. (2) If you use hot/warm water you can keep everything hot the entire time which I would think would make it more effective. --------------------- I plan on buying one just to use it as a warm-down as I shower after my routine anyway, if I gain that is great, if not i'll be glad of having a larger flaccid hang anyway Also, pumping is supposedly good for girth so I might as well try it since that is my main goal --------------------- I have one and love mine. I don't use it alone but rather as a warmup, for internal stretching and warm down. I've been steadily climbing up it over the course of 2 months using it. I do believe you can make gains just using the Bathmate, but believe they would come much slower. I don't mean any disrespect when I say this but how can you say something doesn't work without trying it for yourself. Am I suggesting you goad buy a bathmate or any other pump, no. If you make significant gains through manuel work, great But there are plenty of people who say manuel PE doesn't work. I think we can all agree that it does because we know from experience. --------------------- The thing about warm down too, is I was recently informed and corrected on the procedure for warming down. Remek the founder of the site, who wrote the book Exercising the Penis - is a proponent of cooling down not warming down and his reasoning makes sense. So using the Bathmate as a warm down device might not be the best method. In addition, when I use my bathmate for warmups, after 10 minutes, I've noticed the water has turned less than lukewarm, not really cold but just no longer hot. So I wonder how useful it really is at getting your penis to the 110 degrees (I believe that's the degree) suggested before working out. I think the Bathmate works off of the premise that we WANT to believe in, that we can stick our dick in a cylinder and make it grow. No work necessary. I just don't see cause of purchasing one or suggesting others purchase it. Especially when the risk for injury is so high. From now on I'm an opponent of Bathmate. It just doesn't make sense. And, as I mentioned in my first post if other pumps work off the same premise without any real addition to how it causes the penis to "grow" then I'm going to have to suggest they don't work either. As with most things in a capitalistic country, we find someone that works then we try and build a machine to do it for us and hope we get the same results. Physically manipulating the penis tissue is the only thing I think works - and the Bathmate doesn't do that but on a surface level. --------------------- I can say for a fact that pumping can and will provide gains. If you insist on disregarding claims and will only accept proof then you must be that way with all forms of PE. Jelquing if done propperly continuously forces the engorgement of blood in the penis causing expansion and over time the result is the ability to hold more blood with in the penile chambers. Pumping does the same thing, only it is using vacuum pressure to draw the blood as opposed to pushing the blood. If done correctly the forced engorgement of the penile cavities and blood vessels will eventually result in greater size. The biggest difference is that jelqung has somewhat of a stretching factor by virtue of the pulling involved. If one uses a stretching routine then pumps it is not only the stretching that provides length, it is the stretching followed by the constant pull from the vacuum of the pump, together they will give length. Pumping alone would more than likely provide girth gains but they are still gains and are permanant. You will not stay the same size as you are while in the tube but overtime you will grow. I hate to have to say this but it sounds as if you are just taking a wild guess at something that you know very little about and if you have pumped it has not been enuff to have an informed opinion. I am not a big fan of the idea of Bathmate beng better and I dont like the fact that it has a limit in the vacuum it can create but even the bathmate can be used in a way over time that would result in gains --------------------- I have been using the Bathmate for about 7 months now. I began by doing the 90 day jelqing/stretching, then started using the Bathmate for 25 minutes after jelqing and stretching for about 15 minute. I believe the Bathmate has helped with girth, and with permanent flaccid length gains. I have not had any significant erect length gains in the last several months, and have sort of hit a plateau. However, I beleive the Bathmate is a safe alternative to vacuum pumping. I would not use a vacuum pump because I feel it can lead to injuries. The Bathmate suction is self-limiting, so you really can't get a dangerously high vacuum with it. I will continue to use my Bathmate. I always warm up with a flax seed sock, and warm down afterwards. --------------------- I said, from the outset, i wanted this to be a completely free experience for me. I made tremendous gains in BPEL in my first couple of months then I stagnated. After a while I figured, I was okay with my 8.75" length, achieved by manual exercises and i wanted to work on girth. After many days of tired hands, i went to vacuum pumping. not Bathmate, but actual pumping... gotta say, i should have done this SOONER! vacuum pumping (when done with some common sense) is as safe as jelquing as its premise is the same... It draws the blood into the penis and it makes the penis expand. it's not all skin swelling in my case. I have a genuinely larger erection when I leave the tube. The muscle is expanded for a while then it contracts again.

And I also found an post in forum of,one of the member ask the same question of does bathmate really work,and below is the details:

Plus has any one tried it to help with having hard on probloms, could you tell me if it did make your dick bigger and did it cure your hard on probs, feed back would be most helpful thanks -------------------- I have a Bathmate, and I use it really only for warming up. I also used to do regular, or "dry" pumping (with a vacutech) and am now getting back into it. The two are completely different. First I wanna say that with BOTH types, I have never seen ANY conclusive evidence that they lead to permanent enlargement, BUT I really think pumping WILL cause permanent gains if done consistently over a long period of time, say 1.5-2 years. But like I said, I don't know. I have never been consistent enough. I
am trying to be consistent now, and hope to report on this in a year or so. Second, I can't use my Bathmate for really more than 2 sets of 15 minutes or so. And it even says on the site not to use it for more than 20 minutes. Now I don't know if that just means 20min per set or 20min TOTAL for a day. BUT, my main point here is that its my experience that the BEST use for Bathmate (for me) is as a WARM-UP tool. Its GREAT for doing a warm up and getting all the heat in your penis as well as expanding it, which REALLY makes the heat get in there, and gets you really ready for a jelqing routine! -------------------- Totally agree with calixto. Bathmate is amazing for warm up. I used to only use it for warm-down after a workout. Warming up with bathmate is 100x better than my rice sock. Although it's a bit more work than warm up with a rick sock, but it's definitely worth it! -------------------- I use a Bathmate for the recommended 20 minutes as per the user manual, I also do PE. What I do is after my PE I use the bathmate in warm water (110 degrees or higher, whatever is warmest but not scolding). I have gained almost an inch over my time with PE. It's like everyone else says, consistency and patience is key. Also if your going to use the bathmate, shave your pubes or else air will leak in. -------------------- It is for only 20 minutes a day, with any pump if you use it too long it can damage the blood vessels in the penis resulting in losses instead of gains, longer healing time, and sometimes ED.

An thread of "My Thoughts on the Bathmate After 2 Years." also shock the internet after it launched,lots of male follows it to 5 pages!

It is great for girth and terrible for length. That is pretty much it. I MAY have gained a little bit of length, but I gained a LOT of girth. For sure. Warning. If you like blowjobs or anal, then stay away from the Bathmate. At least that is my experience. Now, every time I do a BM session I completely fill the tube girthwise, and the results are magnificent in the bedroom. Wifey now complains if I do not use KY or Astroglide. She says it feels like I am pulling out skin when I pull my dick out. It is so tight it feels like I have it in her arse! However, I can not last very long because it just feels too good. That is the down side of having a fat dick, I guess. The gains seem to be permanent. I can quit working out for weeks and still have a fat chubby. So, these are my personal findings after 2 years of using this thing off and on. Mostly on. ------------------------- Seem like that’s the way pumps work, better for girth than length. Would love to hear your routine. I have a bathmate but don’t use it much. Tend to stick with the regular air pump. But between yours and raybaby’s results,sound like I should put the bathmate to work. Wanting about another 1/2+ of midshaft girth. ------------------------- Well, from what I have experienced, the BM should do it for you. I use it every other day for 15-20 min while doing my shower stuff. I also use it in the bathtub. For some reason, I get a better working in the tub. I think it is because it is under the water and no chance of it loosening up at all due to leaking air. ------------------------- Thanks! That’s not a ton of time at all. Yeah I think their directions are to use it seated in the tube rather than standing up. Will definitely give it a go. ------------------------- I don’t know exactly how much I have gained. I do not measure because as soon as I get a measuring tape near my dick, it starts deflating. End of story. I do use the Bathmate to maximum pressure/suction. I also do 100 kegels while in the unit. About 25 to 50 at a time. I put on the unit right after I wash up down there. I then take it off and fill with water and reapply when I get out of the shower. This makes a much bigger dick in the unit for some reason. Much more intense feeling as well. I do 20 minutes most every day. I am now filling the Bathmate 100% girth wise. I measured the outside of the unit and it is just over 8 1/4”. So I am sure I am pumping up very close to 8” every day. This is mid shaft. I do not think it is just fluid because my dick does not have that pudgy, fluid look after the workouts anymore like it used to. Have not done the dirty deed in the past few weeks with wifey. I got some Cialis and I am hoping to take some of that tonight and try it out. Hopefully, I will get a few howls out of her and some comments. Wish me luck, ------------------------- Still testing, but so far so good. It is easy to handle and store. Feels much more comfortable than any air based pumps I used. Judging from my “feeling”, I’d say the pressure is about 5inHg which is the pressure I had been using. With reasonable care, there is nothing to break. All pump tubes I used so far broke at the hose connection point :( For now, I am incline to say “yes”, but not 100% sure yet ;) Only time will tell. The pump itself is not really that expensive, it is just ridiculous I have to pay $60 to ship a piece of plastic tube :( That’s why I had been waiting for years for my local sex shop to carry this item instead of ordering it online. ------------------------- You can warm up for ten minutes under low vacuum in the Bathmate, then jelq for ten minutes, then pump for another ten to twenty minutes. You can pump and take a break every ten minutes or so and do a hundred or so jelqs. The Bathmate works awesome as a warm up tool. Much easier than a hot cloth or rice sock. I’d definitely warm up first, then whichever way you decide to go likely won’t matter much.

With so many real bathmate user replys on the forum,I think you will get the answer now!The next thing I want to Discuss with you it how to use Bathmate,Here is the 8 steps when you apply bathmate,I quote them from the Bathmate Official Site!

How do you use it? 1) Fill the bath with water. 2) Once you're in the bath, put the Bathmate underwater until it completely fills with water, then while it's underwater put your penis inside it. 3) Push the bathmate down towards the pelvis base several times until you've created a vacuum. You should start to feel the pressure building up. Surplus water starts to be replaced from the pressure release valve at the top of the Bathmate. You may have to pump it down four of five times until no more water comes out of the pressure release valve. 4) Once you cannot pump any further, just relax for five minutes. Whenever you cannot pump the Bathmate further this is the optimum vacuum at that particular time. 5) Every four or five minutes try pumping down again. As your penis is expanding this will force excess water from the top of the Bathmate every time you pump down. But you will always reach a point where you cannot pump further. 6) Pump the Bathmate to its optimum vacuum, when you feel it's necessary. This is the stage where no more water comes out at the end, when you try pumping down. 7) If you feel the pressure is too much, just lightly activate the pressure release at the top of the Bathmate. This will release pressure. After 15 minutes, release the pressure by pressing the pressure release at the top of the Bathmate and take the unit off. Then stand up so you can see the results right away. You won't be disappointed. 8) We recommend 15 minutes per session. Use the unit as often as once a day, but no less than three times a week for best results.

And You can also follow the Bathmate How to use it video:

The last thing I want to show you it how does bathmate work,Here is the way:

Your penis is divided into three chambers - two large ones on top, that's your erectile tissue (Corpora Cavernosa), and one smaller chamber on the bottom which you urinate and ejaculate from (Corpus Spongiosum).When you get an erection, your brain releases a hormone, which sends blood to your penis, filling your erectile tissue. The blood spaces in the Corpora Cavernosa fill to the maximum, causing an erection. Now the maximum your Corpora Cavernosa can fill is the amount your blood vessels can hold. The great news is... Your Corpora Cavernosa can be developed larger and stronger with the Bathmate. The more you use the Bathmate the bigger the vessels become, allowing more blood to flow and fill the tissue. It's like body building for your penis. The pump base is designed to allow a minimal compression force, while achieving maximum expansion, encouraging maximum growth and minimum discomfort. The more water is forced from the Bathmate, the more the penis is encouraged to expand and the higher the hydro force vacuum that's created. There's always a balance between water pressure, and your penis can not be forced into the unsafe pressure zones that cause damage with other devises. Conventional air vacuum developers allow the air within to act like a sponge - they compress and expand without enlarging the penis in proportion; this results in the enlargement of certain areas and not others i.e. foreskin and not length or thickness. The Bathmate is filled with water, positioned and sealed at the base. Water is expelled by compressing the Bathmate pump system; this produces the volume and area inside the Bathmate. Balance is achieved for growth. When compression of the pump stops, the non-return valve closes, thus stopping the water's return into the Bathmate, Due to the unique pump design, the gaiter expands and tries to return to its original volume, because the water inside the Bathmate acts like a fluid solid, which means it cannot be compressed or expanded, only the penis area can expand to replace the volume of water removed.

OK,That are all I think you want to know about Bathmate,Finally,let's Watch some more Bathmate video,they may include bathmate review video,bathmate tips,and bathmate discount: