BathMate Hydro Pump

The Bathmate is the first hydro penis pump that came out on the market, hence the birth of Bathmate Hercules. The male enhancement world embraced the innovation of hydro penis pumping as it helped many men increased penis size in both girth and length.

Later, Bathmate released bigger models such as the Hydromax X30 and Goliath to accommodate bigger size penises.

Recently, as you can see in the update just below, Bathmate released the latest addition to the Bathmate series, Hydromax X40. Certainly, there would be better models that Bathmate releasing in the future.

This Bathmate penis pump is not only dedicated to exploring the Bathmate features and capability, but also cover how the Bathmate series compare to the new player in hydro penis pumping, the Hydromax.

Both Bathmate and Hydromax are covered here, but it is the Bathmate covered in depth within this article, and there is a separate review for the Hydromax.

Due to many men confused as to what to choose between the Bathmate and Hydromax, this article will provide a quick, yet clear comparison between the two. This way, the confusion lingering on the mind of many men will be clear as to which pump is better, and should one change in favor of the other.

Both the Bathmate and Hydromax are popular hydro penis enlargement pumps. The Bathmate is been around for years now and it has 3 varieties; Bathmate Hercules,Hydromax X30/X40 and Goliath. Ever since it was introduced in the male enhancement world, it became the standard of hydro penis pumps that men used as well as helped achieve increase in penis size.
Whenever you search Bathmate online, you will find many good reviews as well as plenty of testimonials. This proves that the Bathmate really works when it comes to increasing penis size. However, there are 3 versions of Bathmate pump as mentioned previously, and each will be covered in details below including their specifications making it easy for you to decide, which Bathmate suits your size.

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Bathmate Pump and Erectile Dysfunction

Originally, penis pumps are designed to aid men who have ED(erectile dysfunction), or men having difficulty or inability to achieve and maintain erection suitable for sexual penetration. Penis pumps devices have been used for many years and proven to provide excellent results.

Today, penis pumps whether air or water pumps like Bathmate are also used for enlargement purposes with great success among many men who have used it correctly. Although, pumps are recommended by medical practitioners as a treatment or aid for ED, still it is highly recommended consulting your doctor regarding your condition.

On the other hand, men who are healthy and simply wants to increase their penis size, simply follow the beginners’ routine in the manual and you are on your way towards achieving permanent gains.

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Science Behind How HydroMax Penis Pump and Why It Works?

Bathmate hydromax are effective water-assisted vacuum pumps; that are unique in the way these pumps do not use air just as the conventional vacuum erection pumps. Utilizing water to create a vacuum force is not only more effective compare to air, but additionally gives the user an opportunity to relax comfortably while in the bath or shower.

Bathmate helps develop the penis Corpora Cavernosa making it grow large and strong. Hence, potential penis size increase in both girth and length while achieving rock-hard erection. The process involves drawing blood into these chambers as it is in a natural erection.

The design of the gaiter pump are calculated to allow safe and minimal compression force; while allowing to achieve maximum expansion force resulting maximum growth with minimum discomfort. Using Bathmate hydro penis pump will result in increase penis size, but results can vary from person to person.

The time it takes to achieve an increase in length and girth is proportional on how often the pump is used. For instance, if used daily there should be a noticeable size increase within 30 days.

Bathmate Pump Models and Specifications

The Hydro7 Series

This is the original Bathmate penis pump that was called the Hercules before it got rebranded and was one of just two pumps in their product lineup together with the Bathmate Goliath.

The pump can create a decent vacuum that are good for getting an erection or for training your ability to last longer in bed, but you should not pick this pump it you’re after a larger penis.

The Hydro7 Benefits :

  • Improve your erection strength with daily training routines
  • Avoid premature ejaculation by getting used to sexual stimulation for prolonged period of time
  • This is the cheapest water-based penis pump

The Hydromax Series

The Bathmate Hydromax series of penis pumps positions itself as the mid-priced and mid-feature hydropump in the Bathmate range.

It’s more expensive than the Hydro7 devices (the original and most basic Bathmate pump) however offers more pressure and comfort. On the flipside, its cheaper and considerably less accessory rich compared to the top of the line HydroXtreme series of pumps.

The Hydromax series Benefits :

  • Erection training – This pump is ideal for you if you’re after a good way to get strong erections. You can train and improve your body’s ability to get strong and long-lasting erections.
  • Premature ejaculation training – This is another way you can train you penis and it can be combined with watching adult videos.
  • Penis enlargement – It’s really good for size gains although not quite as effect as the Xtreme models.

HydroXtreme Series

The HydroXtreme series is a series of 5 different penis pumps that are made to fit almost all men. There is a HydroXtreme option no matter how curved, wide or long your penis is.

This is the Rolls Royce of penis pumps with all the features that you need, it’s quite expensive but if you’re serious about it then this is the pump for you!


HydroXtreme Benefits :

  • Increase your penis size – It’s very strong and uses water to maximize the results. You can expect gains to be around +25% length and +30% girth after 8 months.
  • Prevent premature ejaculation – You can train your sexual stamina and your ability to last longer by using the pump while watching sexual content.
  • Get rock hard erections – Put on a penis ring and use the HydroXtreme for 3-4 minutes and enjoy a strong and long-lasting erection!
  • Fix unnatural curvature – Using a penis pump helps increase the blood flow that can prevent scar tissue from building up if you’re suffering from Peyronie’s disease.

Hydro7, Hydromax and HydroXtreme Size Side-by-Side Visual Comparison

How To Use Bathmate HydroMax Pump

The bathmate hydro penis pump can be use in 3 different ways; shower, bath tub and even on air. The first two ways work efficiently while the third one is not recommended as using the pump on air only is not an efficient way. The video below will demonstrate how to use the pump while on the shower while using in the bath tub will be explained further down.

Hydromax Tutorial How to use the Hydromax Hydropump in the bath and shower


What Results To Expect

There is no doubt Bathmate is an excellent penis pump that delivers results. However, never expect gains overnight. Although, using the Bathmate for the first time seems to have an immediate impact in growth, real and noticeable results can be achieved in months.

Depending in usage, there are those who have gained .25 inch in the period of 4 months while others were able to gain as much as 1 inch with regular pumping for 1 to 2 years. That gain we are talking about is the length. However, with girth, it seems to be a different story. With girth, there are those who were able to gain as much as .5 of an inch within the period of 4 to 5 months.

Although, keep in mind that bathmate can give your penis instant increase in size, and this size gain is usable instantly. That means, prior to having sex, one can perform a hydro pumping routine to gain size. However, this particular gain is not permanent, yet. To achieve a substantial size gains, one must perform the routine regularly.

This can be compared perfectly just as going to the gym and perform body workouts. After the workouts, muscle gains is very noticeable, but the gains can only last for a certain time. To make the gains permanent, one must undergo constant and regular training. Penis enlargement using hydro pumping works in the same concept as body building.

To maximize results overtime, follow the manufacturer’s recommended routine and perform it regularly as stated. To be fooled by those who tell they have gained an inch in a period of 3 months or less. Penis enlargement through pumping alone is a slow process, but the gains are permanent, yet only rewarded to those who perform the routine consistently and seriously.

While there are Bathmate uses who were able to gain an increase quicker than usual expected time, other methods were used along with pumping such as exercises and traction extenders.

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Bathmate vs Penomet Comparison

There is no doubt, the Bathmate is an exceptional hydro penis pumps that have been proven to help thousands of men increase penis size both in girth and length. However, the introduction of Hydromax into the penis enlargement market make many men confused as to which one is better; Bathmate or Hydromax?

There are loads of penis pump reviews online telling Hydromax is better than Bathmate while other reviews are telling the complete opposite. However, both hydro pumps work the same thing. There are no significant differences between the two pumps.

In fact, if you already owned a Hercules or Hydromax X30, you do not need another pump. However, if you do not yet owned any of the Bathmate penis pump series, the Hydromax is a decent pump to consider.

If you already owned a Hercules and your penis size have outgrown it, go for the Hydromax. Another situation to consider if you have a penis size of 7 inches in length and 6 inches in girth, and have not done any prior penis enlargement using pumps, go for the Hydromax or Bathmate Goliath.

However, Bathmate released a new model of penis pump, which can be considered a great upgrade of the previous model, which is the Goliath. With that in mind, opting for the new Hydromax X40 would be a good idea if you want to grow more in the long run. Therefore, those who want to grow the length up to 10 inches, X40 would be a good choice right from the start.

Where To Buy?

The Bathmate can be purchase online only. To be certain you are getting the original Bathmate, purchase online at the Official Bathmate Store.
With regards to discount or coupon code, there is none at this time. Saving or bookmarking this page can be a great idea as this will be updated from time-to-time and post any coupon codes available for your discounts.

Final Thoughts

Hydro pumps like the Bathmate provide a gentler means of penis enlargement compare to air vacuum pumps. It gives much greater tissue expansion and much less fluid retention. When doing penis pumping, the pressure should not bring water retention or swelling. Instead, it should give tissue expansion, and hydro pumps are truly effective of achieving it as it draws the blood so much quicker due to higher pressure.

Keep in mind, results will depend on consistency and dedication of using the pump. Furthermore, to avoid injury and other negative outcomes, follow Bathmate’s recommended routine especially if you are a beginner. Never be tempted to jump to higher pressure and expect quick results. Do it slowly and steadily instead. There are certain advanced means of pumping or routines, but do not go over them until the penis is ready.

Most people use pumps to increase girth solely. However, is an effective hydro pump that can let one achieve gains in both girth and length. Pumping is a very powerful means of pulling out the hidden length of the penis inside the body, and at the same time it is effective in expanding the tunica, glands resulting to a hard and full erections.

Lastly, another great thing about hydro pumping, the size gained right after doing the routine is useable. As mentioned earlier, it provides gain right after the first use. Therefore, you can do pumping and have sex right after doing the routine. That gain is usable for sex right at that instant. Of course, this initial gain is not permanent. However, as you continue performing the routine regularly, the gains can be permanent.

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Last Minute Tips

Now that you know the Bathmate’s potential, science behind, and how it works, it is time to make use of it to your advantage. In order to be successful in penis enlargement, you should have goals. This principle works really well in every aspect in life including penis enlargement.

The reason to have goals is to have something to work towards on, and without any goals, it simply like traveling without a destination. This means, you won’t get to your destination, or in this case, achieve permanent and cemented gains.

Therefore, begin pondering about what size you want to achieve. If possible, put it in writing and put where you can see it visibly every time. This will serve as your constant reminders motivating you to do the routines on a regular basis.

For instance, let us see if your goal is to achieve 8 inches in length and 6 inches in girth. Current size would be 7.5 inches in length and 5.5 inches in girth. That means you are off half an inch off your goal. Here is how to do it, and feel free to modify to whatever is convenience and realistic for you.

Here are a few tips;

  • Set your ultimate goal at the back of your mind, or better put it in writing. If you have a smartphone, put it there and read it very often.
  • Breakdown your ultimate goals into smaller chunks and make more realistic and attainable very easily. For instance, you could set .2 inch of length gains every 2 months, and .2 inch of girth gains in 4 to 6 months. Make the girth time frame in your goal longer as girth is harder to achieved than length gains.
  • Make yourself a progress journal to monitor your progress.
  • Perform progressive intensity routines as you progresses. Whenever the current routine begins to slow down gains, revise the routine towards higher intensity, or perhaps a different set of new routines.
  • Belief and faith are essential on what you are doing. Have faith in it. This is where the majority give up easily as they do not believe what they do is actually making progress. They simply do not have the patience. In penis enlargement, one must have patience, persistence and dedication to following through the routine until noticeable gains is achieved. Hence, keep that in mind. It is crucial.
  • Be thankful in each little gains you have achieved. This little gains can motivate you towards gaining more than what you have achieved, so far.

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