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Alan Summers founded With Words, an organisation that exists to promote the love and enjoyment of words through literacy work, and literature events:

He is a Japan Times Award-winning published poet; Renga Editor for Notes from the Gean international haiku literature magazine (online and print); and Haiku Editor for Haijinx (humour in haiku) international online magazine for the U.K.; Eire; India; Nepal; Pakistan; Bangladesh; and Middle East.

Image courtesy of artist Nobumasa Takahashi

Rachel Carvosso is a poet, freelance writer, artist, curator, teacher and book arts enthusiast. Based in Tokyo since 2004 She has written for a variety of Magazines including The Curator, ArtiT, Digital Artifact, ZapBang and Tokyo Artbeat and is the newly appointed Japan editor at the love of it magazine.

In addition to her own work shown in the U.K. and Tokyo, she has worked with a range of other artists and musicians including Neil C Smith a U.K. based sound and intermedia artist. The 2002 project titled "Gowntown" - a collective visual hybrid exhibition was realized in the Debenhams store, Oxford, U.K.
In 2007 she collaborated with DJ and musician Infinite Scale on his track "Cell Out" featured on the Rednex complilation album 1.2. She has also worked with Tokyo Ambient band Equator and studied Butoh Dance with Performers Itto Morita and Mika Takeuchi of GooSayTen.

In 2008 her work was selected to appear in Our Common Sufferings: An Anthology of World Poets in Memoriam 2008 Sichian Earthquake, an anthology dedicated to the victims of this tragic event and translated into Chinese. It is published by Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press.

She is currently researching how arts and poetry can be used therapeutically and preventatively for the victims of human trafficking.

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