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Metal Yard Decorations

metal yard decorations
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metal yard decorations - 2 Pink
2 Pink Flamingos Classic Retro Signed Garden Statue Decoration Pair Made in USA
2 Pink Flamingos Classic Retro Signed Garden Statue Decoration Pair Made in USA
Pair of Classic Plastic Pink Flamingos. Set includes one standing and one feeding bird made from sturdy salmon-pink plastic. Standing flamingo measures 35 inches tall overall, and about 30 inches tall when legs are staked in the ground. Feeding flamingo measures about 17 inches from tail to beak and both are about 4 inches wide. Each flamingo has metal legs, realistic black and yellow plastic eyes, painted beaks and lots of feather texture molded in. These are the original 'Yard Art' flamingos (phoenicopteris ruber plasticus) designed by Don Featherstone with his signature molded underneath. The ultimate kitsch accessory for your front yard or garden! Made in the USA using the original Union Products molds.

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JS's metal face
JS's metal face
IMG_6370 My daughter's close friend made this a few years back....she didn't like it, so my daughter told her I'd take it - and I did in a heartbeat - I LOVE this face!! I've had to find the right place outside to display it so that all the forms can be seen from different angles...
bottle art
bottle art
IMG_7038 Gift from a friend who shares my penchant for decorating the yard! The spiral of metal has some metal bugs on it, and there's a place in the bottom for a votive candle. (the bottom of the bottle is cut off...)

metal yard decorations
metal yard decorations
Bright Pink Flamingo Yard Ornament
Welcome Your Guests with Classic Pink Lawn Flamingos! Pull pink flamingo pranks with the classic yard flamingo! These plastic pink flamingos are perfect for whatever you're planning! Flamingo yard ornaments are great ways to welcome guests to your luau party, and of course are perfect birthday surprises! Two Flamingos per package. Each set comes with four metal stakes, each 21" tall. Two different style flamingos, one is 8 1/2" tall and 12" wide and the other is 7 1/2" tall and 17" wide. Bright pink color. Made of plastic. The plastic pink flamingo is a must have party decoration. The yard flamingo is a great addition to your next luau or Hawaiian themed party and a classic yard decoration for any house. These flamingos are also a great addition to any Alice in Wonderland theme party, pretend play croquet like the queen of hearts with flamingo party supplies. Part of Decorations > Outdoor Decorations