Moose Lodge Decor

moose lodge decor
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  • A large deer with palmate antlers, a sloping back, and a growth of skin hanging from the neck. It is native to northern Eurasia and northern North America
  • elk: large northern deer with enormous flattened antlers in the male; called `elk' in Europe and `moose' in North America
  • The moose (North America) or European elk (Europe) (Alces alces) is the largest extant species in the deer family. Moose are distinguished by the palmate antlers of the males; other members of the family have antlers with a "twig-like" configuration.
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A great way to get mauled by a moose
A great way to get mauled by a moose
I was driving by, and this moose walked right under the double rainbow, and I slammed on my breaks on the small highway, put the car into park, and got out of my car to get the shot, cause, hay, how often does THAT happen. Unfortunately, by the time I got my stupid, cheep camera to turn on, and I had stopped jumping around, he wasn't under the rainbow anymore. Moose are like that, they stink at following directions.
Moose Antler inside Mount Assiniboine Lodge
Moose Antler inside Mount Assiniboine Lodge
Moose antler and old skis are typical decor inside the rustic Mount Assiniboine Lodge; Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada, Mount_Assiniboine_Lodge-19

moose lodge decor
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