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The service

We offer lookups in the 1841 census for Somerset, but we also can provide extra information from Newspapers and other censuses.

The 1841 census database

We have entered the entire 1841 Census for Bath and a substantial part of the county of Somerset into a Microsoft Access database. This database enables us to do all sorts of fancy lookups, such as listing all the people living in a particular street within a certain range of house numbers. However, it is more likely that you require a simple lookup of a surname and need to know all the data that the census provides. The number of entries in the database now exceeds 200,000. We have also have in a database entries from the Personal Columns (births /marriages/ deaths) of the Bath Chronicle between the years 1836 - 1842.

What to do

First send an email to mjhwalker@t-online.de stating what family name (or other subject) that interests you. It is advisable that you expect to find some useful information in our resources to avoid disappointment. (See our list of Parishes and Surnames).

Second, wait for a reply.

Third, when you have received a reply select one of the payment methods below.

Payment - only 2 pounds

In order to recover some of the costs of typing up the census (e.g. photocopying and postage), we need to make a small charge. This charge is currently set at two pounds, two euros or two and a half US dollars. Please do not pay anything before you have requested a lookup.

If you live in the UK, a cheque or postal order is acceptable.

If you live in Europe, a cheque made out in Euros is acceptable.

If you live anywhere else, please use the PayPal button, or send a bank note to the nearest value above two pounds, two euros or above three US dollars.

Unfortunately, if you send a cheque in a foreign currency (i.e. not pounds sterling or Euros), then we are charged 10 pounds by the banks to change it into sterling (or Euros).

If you have several lookups, then we may have to charge accordingly.


We have set up a PayPal account, but you may prefer to post a cheque or money. If you want to pay using PayPal, please click the button below

Use this button if you want to pay for more than one lookup.

Please contact Mike Walker (mjhwalker@t-online.de) if you require a lookup or for further details.

Mike had a hard disc crash a while ago and lost some emails, so if you contacted him before and are expecting a reply, please contact again.

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