Handyman Rates

Handyman Service

    We truly are a jack of all trades and have the skills to get the jobs done right efficiently. We stock 90 percent of the tools and materials needed to work in all aspects of a house from hanging curtains to serious remodels. No lag or delays in getting the little miscellaneous. It's unbelievable how much time in trips to hardware stores and incorrect miscellaneous can really cost so we just bring the hardware store to you.
    Hire us for one day on our an hour rate and you will be amazed at how much we will accomplish in one day. Only a $100 minimum for basic handyman work in Howard and Montgomery Counties.  Why waist time getting estimates for small projects when you can call a reputable local company with over 500 customers to complete you project. We do provide rough estimates over the phone or via email. With today's mobile devices its easy to send a photo or even do a video call of your project. We do offer flat rate estimates on larger projects exceeding one full day of labor and can come out in person for an interview. Our focus with the hourly rate is to build a customer relationship for continuous work, your own personal property care team. Please fill out scheduling request form and we will get back to you soon or call us 240-548-3049.
Basic Handyman services $45 an hour $100 minimum.
  1. Patching 
  2. painting
  3. curtains
  4. assembling furniture 
  5. regular maintenance
  6. power washing
  7. ect
Services offered for $55 an hour with $150 minimum.
  1. Electrician work
  2. Ladder work above one story.
  3. Welding
Services offered for $65 an hour with $200 minimum. 
  1. Plumbing
  2. Roofing

Material stock on trucks at all times.

20 Standard interior exterior caulks
  • Interior & exterior primers and stain blockers
  • plumbing faucet and pipe repair
  • plumbing supply lines
  • toilet parts
  • Standard electrical outlets and switches.
  • Electric Wire and gang box
  • 50 different fasteners from screws, nails, bolts, shutter pins, to picture hangers.
  • 20 different adhesives and fillers from wood glue to epoxies.
  • Drywall board, mud, quick drying mud, and tape.
  • Cleaning solvents from windows to tough stains.
  • Wood stains and touch up fillers.
  • 10 roles of tape from painters, HVAC, electric, to leak stop flashing.
  • Roof flashing and patch.

    Tools stocked on truck

    • Carpentry, miter box, finish nailers, hardwood nailer, routers, sanders, and any basic wood shaping tools.
    • Drywall tools, sanders, squares, knives.
    • Painting drop clothes, rollers, brushes poles, airless and air sprayers.
    • Plumbing torches, saws, and faucet rebuilding tools.
    • Electrical working tools, testers for High and low voltage wires, wire tracers, coaxial and phone line diagnostics.
    • Metal working and welding.
    • Pressure washer.
    • Landscaping and tree trimming.
    • Multiple extension ladders  from 20-40ft and A frames as high has 12ft.
    • Flooring, ceramic, hardwood, laminate, carpet repair and stretching tools.
    • Hand tools ranging from wood to mechanic.
    • Air compressor
    • Shop vac.
    • Levels, lasers, squares, measuring tapes.

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