Suzuki Piano Lessons

Prospective Students
Any interested student or parent is encouraged to contact Mrs. Bates by phone for an initial conversation regarding her studio and teaching methodology.  Following that, she invites interested families to observe another student's lesson.
Lessons are given on a weekly basis over two terms, roughly following the school year calendar.  The studio has two terms of 18 weeks generally beginning the first week of September and the last week of January.  One of the lessons may be used for a master class workshop during the year.  Lessons cancelled by the teacher will be made up or refunded.
Students will be allowed to make up a total of two missed lessons per term due to snow, illness, or absense for vacation.  Lessons missed without notice or for non-emergency reasons will not be made up. Parents should try not to schedule conflicting appointments, rehersals, or practices. 
Students should come to their lessons with all their music, their notebook, short fingernails, and clean hands. 
They should enter quietly if a lesson is going on.  Siblings may attend lessons if they can quietly entertain themselves as too much distraction is unfair to the student.
There will be several home concerts in the fall and winter.  There are also concerts in December and April that emphasize ensembles and duets.  The final concert will be held at the end of May.
Music reading/theory group classes will meet 8 times on Saturdays, generally beginning the second week of the fall term.  There is a bonus class in May.  All students age 5 and older in Books 1-3 should plan to attend.  Class schedules will be handed out.
Term fees must be paid in full by the first lesson of each term, or in thirds by the first of the month for the first three months of each term.  A concert fee is included.  Consistent with CAMSA policy, if lessons are terminated during the term, a month's notice must be given, or a month's lessons must be paid.
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