Raluca Cernahoschi, Assistant Professor of German, specializes in 19th through 21st-century German and East-Central European literatures and cultures. Her interests also include poetry, drama, and film adaptation, and translation as intercultural communication. She has previously led students abroad in Short Term courses to Transylvania and Weimar and Berlin.

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Meredith L. Greer, Associate Professor of Mathematics, conducts research in math biology focusing on mathematical epidemiology and mathematical ecology. Her interests extend to many other applications of mathematics; projects have included zombies, roller coasters, satellite collision avoidance, softball and the game of RISK. She has led three Short Terms that included a week-long trip on which students rode and analyzed roller coasters.

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Jakub Kazecki, Assistant Professor of German, specializes in 20th-century German literature (especially literature about the First World War), images of German-Polish relationships in literature, film and visual arts, and laughter and comedy in different media. In 2013, he co-taught a Short Term course with Bates students in Berlin and Weimar.

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