Carmen Technical Specification

Registered in 1925 in Rotterdam, Holland as Niewe Zorg (now Carmen) originally carried dry goods.   She is a steel Dutch Barge of the Luxemotor type.     She is still registered in Holland.

Purchased in 2001 Carmen she was converted to a cruising barge mostly during 2002/4 with most systems being 24V or fed via inverter from the barge batteries.

LOA:   25.2m (82ft 8in)     

Beam: 4.25m (14ft)

Draft: In her converted form she displaces 68 tons and draws 90cm at the sides and 1.06m under the rudder.  

Air Clearance: With the wheelhouse up her air clearance is 3.26m (clearance for all French canals except the Nivernais and Midi for which the wheelhouse is demounted and replaced by an umbrella with plastic sides that can be lowered down to  2.7m.  The full length of both have been cruised.  Carmen is too big only for the Canal de l'Orc in France.

Main Engine: Beta Marine CD6, marinised Ford six cylinder 125bhp (at 2,100 rpm) 7.5 litre water cooled .  The engine is fitted with a PRM 750 marine gearbox and a PRM trolling valve. On the front end an Eaton 70525 piston pump is fitted to supply oil to the bow thruster.  All fitted new 2003 except the Eaton pump which had been in use on Carmen previously.

Engine mounting:  Flexibly mounted on six mounts with flexible shaft coupling.

Engine Cooling:    The engine heat exchanger is cooled by twin alternative water inlets port and starboard, from a two way valve so that a blocked water inlet filter can be cleaned whilst still underway.  The exhaust is water injected with waterlock and silencer for quietness.  Safely temperature monitoring is connected to the wheelhouse instrument panel. The water injection is protected by swan neck anti-syphon piping.

Engine Controls:  Vetus Electronic Engine Control System RR.

White Engine Diesel supply: Port Side main engine room mounted 500l tank (with water drain) via  ..... remote filter before engine main fuel filters.  A 350l starboard tank also exists but has not been commissioned.

Propellor:   Bronze 4 bladed RH 840mm (33") dia by 711 (28") pitch originally fitted 2003 but pitch tweaked Oct 2004.
Speed: Carmen can do 14km/h if there is enough depth of water and speed limits allow.  This is basically to allow enough speed to climb the Rhone (which she has done).  However the high torque low rev entire is designed to run for long periods at slow speeds that are required on many canals, e.g. 6 - 8 k /h.   Minimum speed can be dropped almost to nothing with the trolling valve engaged.

Heating:  Central from the forward engine room with a Kabola HR500 19.7Kw oil fired heater with electrics fed via a battery investor.

Fresh Water:   4,000 litres in four linked tanks located under the main saloon floor.  Pozani water outlet filtration system

Air Conditioning:  Four separate water cooled systems with condensers located in the engine rooms (three in main engine room and one in bow engine room).   No ugly condensers on deck.  The objective of the separate systems is that two systems can be run from a 16A shore supply if one doesn't want to run the generator.

Four McQuay evaporators located one in main bow cabin, two in saloon and one in rear cabin.