Contact: Mr. Drendel at brian.drendel@bps101.net
              Mr. Miller at jeffrey.miller@bps101.net

2016 - 17 Schedule

Thursday, Aug. 24 - Informational Meeting about tryouts

Thursday, Aug. 31 - Tryouts part 1 (bring Chromebook)

Thursday, Sept. - 7 - Tryouts Part 2 (bring a rod)

Thursday, Sept. 14 - Meeting: On the water practice and gas card fundraiser

Saturday, Sept. 16 - Shabbona Lake Practice

Thursday, Sept. 21 - Meeting:  Talk about Saturday's tournament

Thursday, October 12 - Meeting: Gas Card Drawing, Sweatshirt order

Thursday, October 26 - Last meeting until February:  Lew's order, casting clinic, sweatshirts


Casting Clinic - Saturday, February 24

Tournament Schedule:

7/9/17 - Cal Sag - BASS Event

9/23/17 - Shabbona Lake Fall Tournament

TBA - Lake Jacksonville

TBA - Shabbona Spring Tournament

5/4/18 - IHSA Sectional Tournament

5/17 - 18/18 - IHSA State Finals Tournament

Batavia High School Bass Fishing Videos:

Casting Clinic 2016

Casing Clinic 2015

Lake Jacksonville 2015

IHSA Sectional 2015

Bassmasters Costa Midwestern High School Open 2015

Upstate 8 Bass Tournament at Bangs Lake 2015

Tips for rigging and skipping wacky worms

4 Knots all fishermen should learn

Casting Competition 2016

Jacksonville Challenge 2016

IHSA Sectional 2016

Upstate 8 Bass Tournament at Shabbona 2016

Door County Smallmouth Tips Part 1

Door County Smallmouth Tips Part 2

Door County Smallmouth Tips Part 3

Lake Jacksonville 2017

IHSA Sectional 2017

Upstate 8 Bass Tournament 2017

IHSA State Finals 2017

Illinois Bass Nation - Cal Sag 2017

Instructional Videos

4 Finesse Baits (Neko Rig, Ned Rig, Shakey Head and Drop Shot)

4 Knots all fishermen should learn

Tournament preparation videos:


How to prepare for a fishing tournament with Mike Iaconelli.

 Mike McClellend   Part 2


Lipless Crankbaits #1                         Misc.A day on the water with "Ike"

Lipless Crankbaits #2                         Flipping and Pitching

Lipless Crankbaits #3                     How to choose colors

Lipless Crankbaits #4                      How to trim a jig

Lipless Crankbaits #5                     Trailers for jigs

WACKY RIG TIPS                                         Mike on Jigs

Swim jig                                                How to fish a jig


Shaky Head                                     Underwater shots

Froggin                                                 Hook n Look

Froggin in heavy slop                         Lake Fork Guy #1

Pre-fishing tournaments                      Gambler

How to pattern bass                   Fish Tank strikes (starts about 4:30)

Early fall                                                This one is awesome!

Fall Shallow water bass

Summer to fall transition

Rage Craws

Square bill crankbaits 

Lake shabbona #1

Lake Shabbona #2

Lake Shabbona #3

Shabbona Topwater

Late fall

Early Season Pre-Spawn

Aaron Martins Drop Shot

Aaron Martins Drop Shot rigging