Weather in Batanes


Weather in Batanes is pleasant.  Temperature ranges from 16 - 32 degrees Celsius.  

 Summer months of mid-March to August will be warm.  Approximately 26 - 32 degrees Celsius.  I grew up in this place and I don't ever recall having to need even an electric fan.   Temperature at night is a comfortable 25 degrees (source  We sleep at night with just open windows and we will be just fine.  If you do visit in this period, just bring comfortable clothing and some rain gear.

In the winter months of November to early February, we will most likely sleep with thick blankets and windows closed.   Temperature could get to a low 16 degrees Celsius at dawn.  Bring clothing for cold weather if you plan to visit Batanes in this period.

 What about the typhoons -- although you often hear about bad weather in Batanes from the media mainly because it is the last landmark that our weather people use as reference, it is not that bad in reality.  Yes we do have typhoons at a higher rate than say Manila but just to put it more objectively, of the 20 typhoons that visit the Philippines, a direct hit in Batanes has a low probability, in my own recollection 1 or 2 in a year is more like it.  These are the type of typhoons that would at least flatten banana trees.  More often though are weather disturbances that fall somewhere in between these conditions.  Strong winds and rough seas that will cancel flights, trips to other islands or fishing activities.