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Working with Me

If you are considering working with me, you should try to do one of your graduate course projects with me. Right now, I am mostly working on dark matter (self-interactions, direct/indirect detection, models etc.) and neutrino physics (in supernovae, cosmology, etc.). However, I am also interested in other areas of particle physics (collider physics), astrophysics (stellar evolution), and cosmology (structure formation). You may also want to have a look at my publication list and my CV.

I have found some of these articles very helpful to gain a perspective about doing research. Perhaps you may find them useful too.
You may also want to think/read about how to choose an advisor. There is a lot of good information out there (google!), and here is an article I found to be frank and honest. 
Although addressed to neuroscience graduate students the advice is remarkably portable (lab rotations->projects, NIH->national/international grant giving agency, etc.)