Undergraduate students interested in doing a project with me, who do not require a stipend or accommodation, are encouraged to email me. However those who require either accommodation or stipend should apply for the VSRP at TIFR (I am not taking on any undergraduate students at this point).

If you are a graduate student at TIFR and interested in dark matter, neutrinos in astrophysics/cosmology, or some other aspect of astroparticle physics, feel free to drop by my office for a chat! Here is some more information that will give you some idea about working with me. Graduate students elsewhere, who would like to come to TIFR for a research visit, are welcome to write to me as long as it's encouraged by their supervisor.

If you would like to do a postdoc at TIFR and work with me, please consider applying for the Visiting Fellows program at DTP and email me to let me know. We are looking for bright motivated postdocs in the area of astroparticle physics and cosmology. Exceptional candidates may be considered for a Prize Postdoctoral position, that comes with an enhanced fellowship and research grant,  funded through a Max-Planck Partnergroup.

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