Top Chef: Bastyr

Congratulations to our 2012 Top Chef: Bastyr winners, Carole Freeman and Marianne Rees of the chef team "Our Food Tastes Like Crop(s)!".

...And congratulations to our People's Choice winners, Alicia Armeli and Ellie Freeman of "Team Root Down"!


What was Top Chef?
It was a fundraising event in the form of a culinary competition held on the Bastyr University campus in Kenmore, WA. All proceeds benefit Teen Feed (, an organization the Bastyr University Student Nutrition Association has committed to supporting in its efforts to serve and nourish Seattle’s homeless youth.
When was Top Chef: Bastyr 2012?
It was Friday, January 13, 2012 from 6-8:30P, on the Bastyr University Campus.
How did it all work?

Student chef teams (two on each team) drew separate slips of paper with a protein and a grain written on them, and had a grocery bag of locally-grown produce at their kitchen stations, in addition to common pantry items, at their disposal. Team members had one hour to prepare their protein and their grain, in addition to any other item. They served and presented their prepared items to the guest judges, who evaluated the items on taste, creativity, presentation, and execution of cooking technique. Audience members tasted a sample of the chefs' creations and cast their vote for their favorite item. We also had great raffle prizes for audience members as well as gifts for our guest judges and every chef team.


The University had a great turnout at this event to support Teen Feed and we'd like to thank all the chef teams, judges, audience members, volunteers, faculty advisors, food and raffle prize donators, the Student Nutrition Association, and all the Bastyr departments who worked together to help this event be so successful!

Thank you and congratulations again to all our chefs!!!


Teresa Yi and Korrin Fotheringham
Top Chef: Bastyr 2012 Co-Organizers