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Bastrop County Young Republicans Endorsements

2016 Endorsements:

On December 21st we chose our 2016 Republican Primary BCYR list.

1st choice - Ted Cruz*
2nd choice - Donald Trump*

Bastrop County State House District 17
John Cyrier* Incumbent

Bastrop County Commissioner Precinct 3
Colton Stabeno*

Please Read
Below are the contested races for the Bastrop County Republican Party. These are county party leadership positions voted by Republican Primary Voters. All primary voters can vote for County Chairman and depending on your voting precinct you can vote for the incumbent Deborah Layland or Greg Greer. We strongly recommend the two incumbents and Greg Greer are highly considered by voters because of their future commitment to building our Bastrop County Republican Party in a positive constructive manner.

Bastrop County Republican Party Chairman
Albert Ellison*(Incumbent)

1005 Republican Precinct Chair 
Deborah Layland* (Incumbent)

2005 Republican Precinct Chair 
Greg Greer*

2015 Endorsements:

17th District State House Representative:

John Cyrier

2014 Endorsements:

The Bastrop County Young Republicans held an endorsement forum on January 9th to pick their candidates in support of the 2014 primary.   The candidate selection process was done by the BCYR board of directors by hosting numerous incumbents and challengers from different races and heard them speak regarding their platform. The Young Republicans requested that candidates answer a questionnaire to acquire information they found to be important in the selection process.  The list below contains the 2014 BCYR primary endorsements. These selections reflect who represents the values and goals of our party the best, as determined by the board. A solid work ethic, dedication, reliability, and principle are just a few of the factors that the Young Republicans take into account when deciding who would best represent this party in office.  

Governor Of Texas                                                                                                                                       
1st Choice- Lisa Fritsch
2nd Choice- Gregg Abbott

Lt Governor Of Texas
Todd Staples or Dan Patrick

Attorney General Of Texas
Barry Smitherman 

District 17 State Representative
Tim Kleinschmidt- Incumbent 

Bastrop County Judge
Paul Pape- Incumbent

Bastrop County District Clerk 
Leigh Raemsch- Challenger 

County Treasurer
Laurie Ingram

Bastrop County Commissioner Precinct 2
Clara Beckett- Incumbent 

Bastrop County Commissioner Precinct 4
Bubba Snowden- Incumbent

Bastrop County Justice Of the Peace (Precinct 1)
Donna Van Gilder-Incumbent  or Cindy Allen-Challenger

Bastrop County Justice Of the Peace (Precinct 4)
Larry Dunne- Incumbent 

Bastrop County Justice of the Peace (Precinct 2)
Raymah Davis

Bastrop County Justice Of the Peace (Precinct 3)
Katherine Hanna- Incumbent

2012 Endorsements: 
Willie Pina - Bastrop County Commisioner Precinct 1
Chris Cannon - Bastrop County Commisioner Precinct 4
James Allen - BISD place 1

Carson Campbell - 21st District Judge 
Derek van Gilder - 21st District Judge
Ron Paul - President of the United States
All other Republican candidates running for office in Bastrop County


The Bastrop County Young Republicans is an official chapter of TYRF.   There statewide bylaws prohibits chapters from endorsing in primaries. As of July 27th 2016, BCYR will only endorse in general elections and non partisan elections.   

Endorsement Policy

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