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Thank you for visiting our site on the web. We look forward to providing the best customer service and experience on our next project together.

Bastrop, A & A Construction provides many services that will make your life easier. From building custom homes to completing simple handyman work, we can get it done for you.

Give us a call at 512-674-1631 and we will provide a free estimate or feel free to contact us  by email at aaconstruction10@yahoo.com If you have any questions, you can also contact us by clicking the Contact Us Contact Us link.

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    Debra & Terry Krueger
    My husband and I contracted Adrian to add a master suite, bath, office/sitting area, utility room and exercise room to our existing home in May 2018. The job was completed to our complete satisfaction in November 2018. The key elements to this project was to have the exterior look like it was not an addition and to tie in completely with the existing structure and to finish out the interior with precise attention to detail. Adrian and his crew accomplished both of these criteria beyond our expectations. Even when we had design/construction changes during the process, Adrian not only did exactly what we asked but also offered his knowledgeable building expertise to accomplish our requests. His crew showed up daily and we were informed when there were days when they were not coming so we could always plan our schedules. The project pricing and time line were followed as stated in the contract and there were no “surprises” during the construction and up until the completion. We are DONE with remodels/additions, but would hire A & A Construction in a heartbeat if we were in need of any future construction.

    Publicado a las 31 ago 2020 10:34 por A&A Construction LLC
  • Larry Hill & Cindy Aarvig


    This is long, but if you want to know what you get with A&A Construction, read on.

    We first met Adrian, owner of A&A, in August 2015 when we needed someone to check out the 150-year-old house we were considering in the Bastrop Historic District. My wife and I have both worked in the building/remodeling arena and have hired contractors for many small projects, but we’d never taken on anything like this.  We weren’t from the area, and had no clue who to talk to about how much work would be needed.  We almost chose someone else—and we are so incredibly glad we didn’t.

    We paid Adrian for a couple hours of his time, and he helped us see and understand the scope of the work, making suggestions along the way. Right away we noticed, and appreciated, the way Adrian tells it like it is. Nobody likes hearing bad news, but vacillating and sugar-coating don’t help anyone, and can lead to misunderstandings. 

    So after we bought the house in September 2015, we contacted Adrian about doing some of the work. Going in, we knew we had to replace a 5-ton HVAC attic unit that had burned up, and already had an estimate from someone else. When we mentioned the HVAC issue to Adrian, he took a look and said he thought a 5-ton unit was too big, and there were other things that could be done to make it more efficient. He called his HVAC guy, who came out and determined that what we needed was a second return air duct and a different location for the thermostat—and that a 3-ton unit would be more than enough. So Adrian’s guy removed the old unit, installed the new unit, new return air, moved the thermostat AND installed all new ductwork in the attic—all for less than we were planning to spend for the 5-ton unit alone (with all the other problems intact). In a nutshell, that’s kind of what it’s been like working with Adrian ever since on multiple projects, large and small, inside, outside and under the house.  

    In addition to all the projects we anticipated with this house, the kids’ grandma came to live with us in October 2015—so we needed to build a 600sf guesthouse.  Of course we turned to Adrian.  We gave him our plans, and he made it happen in 2.5 months—from breaking ground to grandma moving in. And the workmanship, no surprise, is exceptional.  Start to finish, Adrian, his crew and all his trade guys went above and beyond to get it done perfectly with as little disruption to our lives as possible.

    We have been continually blown away by his knowledge, straightforwardness and professionalism. Adrian and his crew are kind of amazing. Not only do they show up when they say they will, they arrive early in the day (they were our alarm clock sometimes), work like demons, and accomplish so much, so well, so quickly. They work weekends when necessary, and even nights. And safely—Adrian is as concerned about his guys’ safety as he is ours, and that’s not a small thing. Also not a small thing: Adrian—and his crew—run the cleanest job site we have ever, ever seen. Everything is picked up, stacked and policed at the end of the day. And all of the above comes at exceptionally competitive rates, guaranteed. Adrian quotes you a turnkey price, and he means it. No surprises, no hidden extras. If the scope changes, he tells you right away, and you can decide what to do.

    Adrian has a great relationship with his crew—they obviously like working with him. (“With” being the key word. Adrian is a master carpenter, and when he’s not getting supplies for his guys, he’s in there doing the work. He’s not a manager. He’s a leader. ) The respect that his crew has for Adrian—and vice versa—is as important as it is rare. It speaks volumes about who Adrian is, and whom he employs, and that translates directly into the quality and professionalism of the work. From rough framing to custom finishing, Adrian and his guys believe in doing it right, and doing it once. 

    We’ve heard (and experienced) all the stories about undependable, unresponsive contractors, sketchy business practices and shoddy workmanship—and we are forever thankful that A&A Construction is the exact opposite of that.  Even though A&A is quite busy (it’s easy to see why),  Adrian won’t leave you hanging, wondering if or when your call will be returned or your work will be completed. His reputation is his calling card, so Adrian is completely resolute in standing by the quality of his work and the satisfaction of his clients.

    Larry Hill & Cindy Aarvig

    My wife Donna and I had the pleasure of hiring Adrian Vargas and his company, A&A Construction, for three projects. The first project was at my office to finish some wainscoting along several walls. Main Street. The tricky part of this job was matching the existing paneling in style and stain color.the existing paneling is probably 20 years old, yet Adrian was able to come very close to the same trim(the old paneling trim is no longer made). Unless one looks very closely or it is pointed out, you would not know that the new paneling was not done at the same time as the old. Adrian was able to match the stain color perfectly. It really added the finishing touches to my office.
    What was also very accommodating about Adrian's work at my office was that he did everything at night or over a weekend to keep from disturbing my office staff. The entire project took a little over three weekends, but overall, turned out to be an excellent job with no interruption to my office.
    The other projects were for our home. here, Adrian and his crew installed two sets of "saloon"type,French doors in my study and formal dining room. Again Adrian was able to match my existing French doors that go out of my living area into the porch. Because these saloon doors were hinged to swing both ways, it was very difficult to align them so that they would not bind or sag. Adrian and his crew not only installed them perfectly, but was able to match the existing paint so that no one would recognize that these doors were not part of the original trim work.

    Donna Van Gilder
    Several of the windows in the front of my house had rotten wood around the framing. A&A Construction was able to remove the decayed wood and install new,treated wood. Here,again, the company crew were able to do an excellent job of matching the existing color and trim while repairing a significant problem.We have received many compliments on the projects that Adrian and his company, A&A Construction, have done for me at the office and home. The projects turned out exactly as I had envisioned them. We would highly recommend Adrian to handle any construction or repair job as we have seen his work on other jobs both before and since he handled my projects.
    Sincerely, Derek R. Van Gilder

    Publicado a las 31 ago 2020 9:38 por A&A Construction LLC
  • Emily Trevino
    "What a team! This has got to be the best, most professional, reliable, friendly company I have ever dealt with. From the initial meeting with Adrian Vargas, every obligation was met, you all did what you said you would do when you said you would do it..."

    Emily Trevino, Bastrop County Jail captain

    Publicado a las 10 jul 2014 8:32 por A&A Construction LLC
  • Frank Rainosek
    “My name is Frank Rainosek and I am a Real Estate Agent. I am writing this testimonial for A&A Construction.  I have used Adrian Vargas and his crew for multiple houses I have bought and sold for clients. A&A Construction crew is honest, very reliable, always professional and courteous.  They impressed me with their clean and orderly job sites. Adrian Vargas is a one stop Contractor.  Adrian and his crew do everything you need to fulfill your needs.  I am extremely satisfied with all work Assured by A&A Construction has done for me & my clients.  If you have had a bad experience with your contractor , Adrian Vargas is the contractor for you.  Thank you Adrian and A&A Construction for all your hard work.  I look forward in doing future business with you and your company."
        Frank Rainosek, Jr. RE/MAX Bastrop Area

    87 Loop 150 West Bastrop, TX 78602

    512-303-4441 Frank direct 512-924-1901



    Publicado a las 10 jul 2014 8:21 por A&A Construction LLC
  • Becky Herrin
    My husband and I started looking for a contractor to completely remodel our newly purchased home. We decided to go local and obtained several bids and Adrian was, by far, the most reasonable. The place was a disaster and when Adrian left it looked brand new. Not only did he do what we asked, he made suggestions, all of which we took. He is very creative and a problem solver. We decided, as we went along, there were things we would like. He was able to do anything we asked, always gave us a price up front, and always made it look better than expected. There were a couple of times we encountered slight problems after the job was complete, i.e. a squeaky door, a light fixture that had not been replaced in the closet, etc. We called and he was back the same day. During this busy time, when it’s hard to get people out to just give you a bid, it was truly amazing. We have had several other little projects and he has come back and completed these, even though they were small and he probably didn’t make a lot of money doing them. I have recommended him to all my family and friends and I highly recommend him to anyone that needs quality work done at a very reasonable price.

    Becky Herrin
    Publicado a las 10 jul 2014 8:26 por A&A Construction LLC
  • Mike Steele

    Professional crew & great to work on each phase of the job progress.

    Publicado a las 31 ago 2020 10:53 por A&A Construction LLC
  • Mike Papadakis

    I just wanted to take a moment to write to thank A&A Construction for the excellent job he did on our ceilings! His pricing is by far the most reasonable of all of the quotes I received (one person wanted 3x what Adrian was charging). He works efficiently and leaves the house completely clean. I was extremely impressed with his work and professionalism. If any of my friends or colleagues ever need any drywall repair work done, I will absolutely refer them without hesitation. EXCELLENT JOB!                                                                                                         

                                            M. P. "Pappy" Papadakis
                                            Attorney at Law,
    Bastrop, TX 78602
    Publicado a las 20 mar 2013 21:25 por A&A Construction LLC
  • Michael

    "Our home on 1391 Lost Valley Rd. We receive complements still today.Adrian Vargas was new in the construction industry back then and worked extremely hard to make our dreams come true. They succeeded in all aspects of the construction process and were honest, courteous, and professional. Throughout, I believe the best testimonial I can deliver is that “I would not hesitate to hire Adrian Vargas again if necessary!” I do not believe we will ever leave our current Best Built Home."
     ~Michael Penn Smith~
    Publicado a las 20 mar 2013 21:27 por A&A Construction LLC
  • Chuck

    I am writing this letter to thank your company, A&A Construction, Adrian Vargas Owner, for the job well done on finishing my house located in Riverside Grove. 
    Within days of the construction project, A&A Construction has shown diligence and dedication to finish work on time, which greatly benefits the selling of my residence. Your attention to detail and the specifics of the construction as well as proper scheduling has been very remarkable, resulting to a job well done. 
    It is refreshing to still find a company in construction which is fair, honest, and conscientious. In the near future, I will have further additions and improvements planned for my next house and A&A Construction will definitely be my first choice to contact.
    Chuck Ryan, Administrator / D.O.N

    Publicado a las 24 ene 2014 20:22 por A&A Construction LLC
  • Joseph

    We were new to Bastrop so we took a chance.  We saw an A&A Construction ad in a local news paper and called the number.  Owner, Adrian Vargas, bid on our repairs and we checked his references.  The people we called were so pleased with A& A Construction and proud of Adrian’s work that we couldn’t get them to stop talking!  After seeing the high standards and experiencing the fairness and integrity of Adrian Vargas and A&A, my wife and I understood why those people felt that way.  We almost immediately contracted A&A to come back and add a cover to part of our deck. 
    We had not been in our Bastrop home quite two months when, having fallen victim to the Labor Day Weekend Bastrop Complex Wildfires, it literally and totally went up in smoke.  In all the ensuing pandemonium, there was no question in our minds as to who would build our replacement home.  A&A to the rescue!  We moved into our new custom home April 1st – no foolin’!  If we had been impressed before, now, we were dazzled.  How could A&A assemble so many highly skilled, conscientious craftsmen and coordinate them so beautifully?  Although, we’ll never again see the hundred-plus-year-old pines that surrounded our former home, we’ll always know that we live in a beautiful, top quality, custom home and that we got a superb value.
    You can’t go wrong with A&A.  Take it from a pair of three-time winners!
    Joseph Clemmons and Nora Nilsen
    Publicado a las 20 mar 2013 21:51 por A&A Construction LLC
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