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Jack Smith Creek Stormwater Project

Project Narrative

This proposed project is a unique water quality partnership between the City of New Bern, The NC Ecosystem Enhancement Program (EEP), and the NC Clean Water Management Trust Fund.  The project involves the construction of a stormwater wetland to capture and treat runoff from a large watershed in New Bern. The wetland is proposed as an environmental initiative by the City, and as a part of the EEP Nutrient Offset Program.  Once operational, the wetland will have the ability to treat runoff from over 1,000 acres of residential and commercial property. The project is unique in both its size and scope, and would be one of the largest stormwater retrofits built to date in NC. The site location and contributing watershed represents a rare chance to intercept stormwater before it gets to the Neuse River, less than one mile away. In addition, the site will be used by NC State University as a wetland research park to evaluate the ability of large scale wetlands to improve water quality. It is our hope that this project will set a new standard for treating stormwater at a watershed scale and be an education center for design and construction of BMPs in a coastal environment. The research that results from this project will not only expand the knowledge base in stormwater treatment, but also provide guidance on how to develop water quality goals balanced with ecological services and surrounding environments.


I hope to keep construction and research progress updated here as the project continues. Please check back for updates and more photos!

Jack Smith Creek

Larger images can be accessed by clicking on the slideshow!

If you would like use images or video from this site, please give credit to Kris Bass, NCSU. Original resolution copies may be obtained by contacting me.

Concept Plans and Schematics

The schematic and conceptual video shown here should give you a feel for what we are planning!