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The Bassonovas are a Community Samba Percussion Group based in the suburb of Bassendean, just 10 kms East of Perth City.

They first began in Feb 2007 and today, continue to party in WA, with their own funky compositions and rhythms from Brazil!

They were initially established by the Town of Bassendean council, who still play a huge role in their ongoing success, thanks to the original founders Richy Glasgow, Jacqui Otago and current Musical Director Maria Daniels (MD - Pardon the pun!)

Maria started directing the group just 6 weeks after they first started 15 years ago, and since then, they have played a huge part in the Perth Samba Scene!

In Jan 2022 they are started a brand new venture by offering African Drumming classes as well, and this has been a great success!


The Bassonovas have a unique way of operating, by partly being under the wing of the Town of Bassendeans RElax Classes. (R E stands for Recreation and Engagement.) These RELax Classes work on a Term by Term basis for the general Public and Community.

Maria Daniels is a Town of Bassendean Course Instructor for both the weekly Samba Drumming and African Drumming Program.

She is also the Musical Director and Founder for the Bassonovas Community Samba drumming group (Bassonovas INC) which are a separate Incorporated Association.

So a basic breakdown is: (TOB = Town of Bassendean)

African Drumming Classes = TOB RElax classes. Over 16 welcome! Must be a Member of the INC to participate at gigs.

Samba Drumming Classes = TOB RElax classes. Over 16 welcome! Must be a Member of the INC to participate at gigs.

Samba Rehearsals = For Bassonovas INC Members only. Can participate at gigs!

Note: It is a pre-requisite for all Bassonovas Members to participate is Samba Drumming RElax classes, however African Drumming classes are optional. This way, participants and members can collaborate and learn together in a friendly and productive environment.

For more information, click on the page links above.


Gigs only apply to the Bassonovas INC Members and the age requirement is between 16-80.

Gigs include community, corporate, private, charity functions and parades. The band dress in loud, colorful, carnival costumes!

Their Samba rhythms are very infectious and MD Maria focuses on Brazilian rhythms, reggae rhythms and their own compositions too! Occasionally, their music is themed! Once they performed a whole medley of Michael Jackson songs on percussion, specifically for the Fremantle Festival!

They also have an APRA License, Public Liability and Instrument Insurance and they don't leave anything unturned!

Samba gigs can vary from 30 mins or less (Static or Roaming.) Or an hour (Parade.) They also offer Percussion Workshops!

Each Gig or Workshop would need to be discussed, arranged and quoted prior to confirmation of booking.

Clients can also have their choice of costumes at gigs, depending on availability!

Please note: African Drumming Gigs are not available at this stage, however, African drumming workshops certainly are!


The Bassonovas also sub contract Samba dancers for certain performances. This adds that extra spice and pizzazz to the show!

The dancers are from 'RIO VIDA BRAZILIAN SAMBA DANCERS' who are of high quality standards and look spectacular!

Please see the pics on this Website or check them out on Facebook:

NOTE: Other dancer groups can also be organised by arrangement.


Percussion workshops are available for high schools, community, corporate and charity organisations, from the ages of 13 - 80.

Workshops can last from 45 to 90 minutes, for a capacity of up to 30 people, with the help of 2 to 4 Bassonovas. This encourages social team building, in a fun and unique way. It is very therapeutic, with absolutely no experience required and all instruments will be provided.

Sessions are simple and easy to follow! After a short time, participants will be playing an orchestra of fantastic, funky and traditional beats!


For more info, please visit the BOOKINGS Page (link above) or call Bookings on 0401 995 027 or Email

RElax CLASSES: (Info on Samba or African)

Please click the page links above for more information or call the Town of Bassendean on 08 9377 8000 for registrations

Alternatively, go to the Town's website on: Click on 'Community' and look for 'RElax Programs.'


Meet the Bassonovas Musical Director and RElax Course Instructor - Maria Daniels!

Maria is originally from London and has 25 years experience of teaching music. She has taught Guitar for all ages, instructed High School bands, has 21 years experience in Samba percussion and 6 years experience in African Percussion.

She also has 25 years experience in Band Management and Bookings and has been a Musician - playing guitar and bass since the age of 12.

Maria has also taken a keen interest in the RAV Vast and Handpan drums, teaching the basic fundamentals of these unique instruments and has recently taken up African Kora, Double Bass and Piano!

If Maria was to describe herself in a few words, she often says "I come from a musical family! My parents were from Burma and India. I am of Anglo Indian decent. I was born in London and emigrated to Australia and I teach Brazilian and African Percussion!"

Well that is one hell of a mix of musical history and no doubt the reason why she is - where she is today!

The Bassonovas absolutely love their Musical Director and her moto is - Quote: 'If you nurture your people well, your returns will be plentiful!' Well that definitely is the case with the Bassonovas and she is certainly very proud of them and their achievements! :)

Community drumming is therapeutic and fun!