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  • (Guitar Song) Guitar Song is a 2001 single release by Texas taken from their greatest hits album The Greatest Hits. It contains a sample of the song "Je t'aime moi non plus" performed by Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. The song was released in 2001 exclusively in Belgium.
  • (Guitar (song)) "Guitar" is the first single from Prince's 2007 album Planet Earth. This song was #39 on Rolling Stone's list of the 100 Best Songs of 2007.
  • (The Guitar Song) The Guitar Song is the fourth studio album from American country artist Jamey Johnson. It is set to be released in the United States on September 14, 2010 through Mercury Nashville.
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  • (chord) a combination of three or more notes that blend harmoniously when sounded together
  • (chord) play chords on (a string instrument)
  • (chord) a straight line connecting two points on a curve
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For What They Have Seen
For What They Have Seen
Watercolours on paper. 100 cms x 70 or so. hm – erm sometime after Christmas 2007 but not too long cuz I just ate reheated PUDDING which was FANTASTIC even though it is made with suet. Damn. Shouldn’t have thought of that. No really. Damn. Am adding the song that I wrote from whence I took the titles to the two works… and to the diptych that contains them both. I am allowed. I’m special. Like Ralph in The Simpsons. OUR LITTLE DEATHS… (The chords also rock.) you nail my guitar to the bedroom wall you lick your lips promise me more take my nail polish, go out to score but I can’t, I won’t help anymore. That final appointment waiting in line A scar on the flesh of your inner thigh, A casual promise and a white lie Where the old bridge splits the hot night sky CHORUS Our little deaths Holding your breath I’ll always be less Always a mess Ill never confess To the cuts on my flesh Or the tears on your dress Are all we have left You carry the heat all bloody and keen Hot with this fever since you were 15 Stones you’ve kept for each lie you have been Blame your green eyes, for what they have seen We kissed on the beach last Halloween. And now we’ll never forget the shit we have seen The hell in the wall the gorgeous machine The tiny mad children that we have both been The model is my beautiful, kind and talented ex and friend, Kylie. She is way cool. She has a remote control darlek. I mean. That… is cool. ooh. Ah. Hm. Um. I feel like I am moving through milk with a switch of wine or something more course (vodka gin nicotine steel? – the sting of some deadly chemical) threaded through it. Heavy limbs and tingles in my hands and feet. I am considering, remembering. Hard to see. One of the unique flaws I have. (Unique? Did I just have the fucking audacity to say that?) My memory seems to work in a slightly different way to the way I understand the rest of the human world’s to. This has been made far worse and far more absolute by the ECT (for those new to this particular acronym it stands for Electro Convulsive Therapy. Shock treatment. ST. ILA. I Love Acronyms.) This in that I have realised how little difference there is between my memory as affected by the treatment and my memory unaffected. Little. None? Say to me of an experience shared, and I will ask of you for more and more specifics, until I can build an image, or a sound, or a SENSATION of some ilk specific to that point, and then the experience in its entirety will flood back into my mind. This is little different from the way everyone else experiences things, excepting, perhaps, the degree of cues needed to spark the fire of memory, and also the extent and exactitude of my recollection. Like a flaking mirror. Like tigers in tall grass. Like zebras stacked and wrapped in horizontally striped black and white socks. The interest lies, perhaps, in this specific shard. I do not believe I have more of a facility. I think I have less. I think that I am in this manner more stupid than the people that I know intimately. Than those that I read about. In some sense I am dumber, I guess. I can’t see memory, anyone’s memory, as being a continual, smooth line of experience. You can drop a lit match into turpentine and it will sizzle out. Also into petrol and methylated spirits. The flash point is over-ridden by the impact with liquid. Zz-sh. Fire-free. We are formed by our memory and choice, and so much, oh so much so, by the threads of what we have found to be the most powerful and beautiful. I believe that what I have seen informs others of their beliefs and the tenets of morality that instruct them is in actuality some kind of AESTHETICS. Take me down to my essence, to where I brood in my hind brain animal honesty, and you will find this. I believe that it correlates with how everyone (yes, bathe in the light and beauty of this instinct) forms the core of their beliefs. How we are formed. BY BEAUTY. And then from an extension of one selection after another built partially from each other and extracted and separated each time by aesthetic appreciation every instance. There is some inseparable connection here between memory and action. We remember in some unconscious manner what we have chosen to believe, what we have found most powerful in the past, what HOLDS MORE MEANING FOR US THAN ANYTHING IN OUR EXPERIENCE – and this informs us how we should ACT. How we answer the phone what we eat who we sleep with what pets we have our reaction to the flies buzzing around our brilliant heads, how we will SPEAK and what we will say. Every choice we make. What we are thinking of as we lie dying and which fucking CEREAL we pick. These things link hands and tell us whisper to us. Beauty and memory. Instinct and experience. Move my hands over the dirty keys and glance outside into the hot white summer light. I choose. We choose. I am informed as to how to choose. By a process I don’t and perhaps can’t understand. The way we move and behave is extracted by t
Mahalo ukulele
Mahalo ukulele
I've owned two ukuleles in my time - the first was a toy one around 1993, which eventually broke and wasn't up to much anyway. This one's much newer. In 2007 a local music shop (the one that most if not all the local guitar pickers visit if they need any repairs or setups done) started selling these "Mahalo" ukes for UKP20, AND threw in a free hard case (which I later found out practically cost as much as the instrument itself). Even better, the shop owner does a little setting-up work on each one before he sells it - what's not to like? Anyway. Joy bought me this for a Valentine's Day present in 2007, as I'd talked about how I'd like a ukulele. I think ukes are underrated instruments, and deserve to be taken more seriously than they are - they're portable, easy to learn (even with a very different tuning from the guitar) and just great fun to play. They're also very useful for songwriters, as picking up a different instrument can make you think about what chords you're trying out, and even the different sound you get can trigger new song ideas. So, I've now joined some other famous guitarists who are uke enthusiasts - Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Joe Brown, Jack Johnson (listen to "Breakdown" from "In Between Dreams", where the main accompaniment is actually two ukuleles), to name but a few. Next step, is for me to write a song with one... (update Sep 2007: done!)

free guitar songs with chords