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Kids Furniture Stores In Nj

kids furniture stores in nj
    kids furniture
  • Kids furniture is specially designed for kids. It is usually designed with eye-catching colors and styles that are suitable for children. Some kids furniture is designed with space-saving functions like storage drawers and desks built into the beds.
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Snoopy Kid's Bubble seats - $12 (1/2)
Snoopy Kid's Bubble seats - $12 (1/2)
This is the kid's size (ie. smaller than the adult size). Selling 2 for $12. Note there's a small hole on 1 of the seat (as shown in photo 2). But it doesn't matter as it was hollow below.
skiing in summer
skiing in summer
i came here to return the skis i rented last winter for the kids. business is kind of slow here this time of the year, so they converted the store into patio furniture.

kids furniture stores in nj