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cheap import furniture
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cheap import furniture - Prepac Sonoma
Prepac Sonoma Corner TV Cabinet, Black
Prepac Sonoma Corner TV Cabinet, Black
At 32" in height, this TV Cabinet is a little taller than most, making it an ideal companion piece for the bedroom - it's just high enough to view comfortably from the bed! It will hold most 32" TVs and has an open shelf for a DVD player or VCR as well as an enclosed cabinet with adjustable shelf for additional stereo components. A small opening in the back allows for easy cord access. Stylish features include a profiled top, side moldings and an arched kick plate. Another affordable & attractive furniture piece from the Sonoma series, it is made from durable composite woods, and unlike other RTA furniture, has no plastic edgebanding.

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On standing a Lusion
On standing a Lusion
An awkward pose. Cosette does not like to stand, most times she just won't, she'll just twist and kick but sometimes she will. The problem is, those times she does want to stand it ends up like this and you can't re-position her arms, head without putting her off-balance and having to start over again. It's frustrating and, thanks to her weight, really tiring. On the advice of other lusion owners I went to a doll store in the city here to look for a stand, they didn't have one. Initially I was encouraged because they had a lot of large dolls in but after speaking with the clerk it turned out they only had one type of stand and they were the ABSOLUTE cheapest ones around. A while back I worked for a company that imported crap from China, mostly cheap "shabby chic" furniture but one of the things they imported were cheap, ugly dolls. These were the kind you find at the reject shop or those cluttered Asian $2 shops and the kinds of stands they came with were the exact kind of stand this chump was charging $30 for. It didn't stop there though, he went on to suggest that I DRILL A HOLE in Cosette's crotch and insert a dowel rod to hold her up. At the time I was mostly "what the fuck?!" but after walking out and on the way home, the more I thought about it the madder it made me. It was a fucking insult to even suggest it. I hate experts, they're invariably awful and unhelpful and this guy was just useless. This was the kind of person that COLLECTS those god awful dolls we used to import or other grotty "heirloom" dolls. What a waste of my time. I understand that the culture is as different between the BJD scene and the "doll collectors" as it is between BJD and people who collect Barbie dolls but still, drill a hole in her fucking crotch? What an idiot.
Bed Chamber
Bed Chamber
During the time that Major Robert Gamble was at the plantation, he ran up $190,000 in debt, partly due to plummeting sugar prices caused by the availability of cheaper imports. He sold the property to satisfy the debts and moved to north Florida with all of the furniture from the mansion. When he arrived in north Florida, Gamble placed the furniture in a warehouse, which burnt down 13 hours later. Consequently, none of the furniture in the mansion is original, although much of it is from the time period and represents the type of furniture that would have likely been in the house.

cheap import furniture
cheap import furniture
Prepac Fremont 5 Drawer Chest in Espresso Finish
The versatile and stylish Fremont Chest is simple in design, featuring five generously sized drawers and an arched decorative apron. Well-suited to a number of decors, a profiled top and solid antiqued bronze accents combine with a warm Espresso finish make it a welcoming contemporary statement to your room. Features: Chest has an Espresso laminate finish Solid antiqued bronze knob drawer pulls Chest features five ample sized drawers Drawers run on smooth all-metal roller glides with built-in safety stops Features durable composite wood product construction with no plastic edgebanding Assembly Required Specifications: Overall dimensions: 45.25" H x 31.5" W x 16" D Weight: 90 lbs