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City Inspection
City Inspection
12-15-2008 What is a person suppose to do when a blizzard is raging outside? Bake cookies! City is inspecting the Mexican tea cakes before they are slightly flatten and placed in the oven. This day he said he pass up the lick taste just for our daughter. Suzie and I both had stomach aches yesterday from the large number of cookies we consumed right out of the oven. I solved the problem by putting all the fresh baked pecan sandies, Mexican tea cakes, and peanut butter blossoms into holiday canasters and placing them on the front porch. They are less tempting if they are frozen solid.
de/hmbrg/city hof/04
de/hmbrg/city hof/04
City Hof high-risers, Hamburg, Germany by Rudolf Klophaus in 1955 These were the first post-war high-rise buildings to be built in Hamburg. Initially they were covered with white LECA-tiles, which was much more appropriate than the current facade.

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