The Bass Clarinet Commission Collective is designed to further the commissioning of new works for the King of Instruments. The bass clarinet's time has arrived and one sign of that is the great interest among composers to write for our instrument. This project allows bass clarinet lovers from around the world to pool resources in order to provide direct funding of new commissioned works, which they will then perform as widely and often as possible. Together we can do more than we can apart or by relying on government grants. True cultural democracy lies in our collective power. We anticipate an ongoing project in which we fund one work, then the next, and the next. Unlike traditional commissioning projects where donors only give money, we want donors to perform the new pieces too.

Composers will be selected by an Artistic Advisory Board comprised of leaders in the field, but all suggestions are welcomed and encouraged. The Artistic Advisory Board has selected the first two pieces to be commissioned, in order to get the project off to a roaring start. The first commission to be funded is by Marc Mellits, who will write a follow-up to his successful composition "Black" for bass clarinet duo. The new piece will appropriately be called "White." White will be 15 minutes long, three times as long as Black, and may consist of a series of short movements.  Funding for White is $15,000. Those who give $250 will get a free copy of the full score. Those who give $400 will get an autographed copy of the full score. Those who give $500 will get a copy of the full score and the parts and the right to perform it as much as you want.  Here is a link to a great performance of Black, to give you an idea of Marc's work for bass duo.

The second composition to be funded is by Jonathan Russell, an active bass clarinet performer and composer. Jonathan is going to write a composition for bass clarinet and orchestra. The piece will be approximately 25 minutes long, modeled on the traditional concerto format. The piece will fully exploit all the virtuosic capabilities of the bass clarinet in a serious, large-scale work, worthy of inclusion with the great concerto repertoire of the past. The piece will be accessible to a wide audience and will exist in several different instrumentations for maximal flexibility: full orchestra, chamber orchestra, symphonic band, possibly other ensemble types. Funding for Jonathan's as-yet-unnamed piece piece is $25,000. Here is a link to a great performance of a work by Jonathan for two bass clarinets and small orchestra, to give you an idea of Jonathan's work for bass clarinet.

For more information on Marc and Jonathan, please visit our "Meet the Composers" page. The link is at the bottom of the Artistic Advisory Board and Founder/Director page.

The Bass Clarinet Commission Collective is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of The Bass Clarinet Commission Collective must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

We happily accept donations in any amount. For $250 or more, your name will be printed in the acknowledgment page of the score. We encourage even larger donations in order to fund as many works as possible, and to prove that we are both ambitious and serious about getting our first two works funded. Arrangements may be possible for first performances in particular cities. Any questions should be directed to
Bill Patry, email address: bassclarinetfan@gmail.com.