Basquiat was a fascinating and complex artist who is now regarded as a major painter of the 1980s. His work – and life -- continue to inspire artists and viewers around the world. He has achieved a cult status among the young, with his impish grace, disregard for “bourgeois values” and the intensity of his work. Unfortunately, as with any cult figure come many myths about the man, his life and his art. 

This site is based on a critical respect for Basquiat’s work, and the recognized need for accurate information about the artist on the web.

In this site you will find:

This site is also used to back up and supplement the book Jean-Michel Basquiat: A Biography (published Greenwood Press, 2010). The book is a based around a chronological account of Basquiat's life, but seeks to give a flavor of his times, and focuses on the themes of his art and individual artworks. It is written in a straightforward style suitable for young people and those learning about the artist for the first time, but anyone seeking greater appreciation of the artist, his times and his work will find it of great interest.


Latest News:

Update of Basquiat exhibition list (September, 2018)

Major Basquiat Exhibition in Foundation Vuitton, Paris (Opens October 3rd) 

"Zeitgeist: The Art Scene of the Teenage Basquiat" travels to Maier in Virginia. (Sept. 30 till Dec. 14, 2018) 

Update of Basquiat auction pages (September 2018)

New group show: "Zeitgeist: The Art Scene of the Teenage Basquiat" (Opened May, 2018)

Basquiat: Boom for Real exhibition in Frankfurt till May 2018  (March, 2018) 

Basquiat exhibition in London's Barbican to close January 28th (January, 2018)

"One Basquiat" at Brooklyn Museum shows 1982 Untitled (Head) (January, 2018)

27 Basquiat works on free preview before New York May Auctions (May, 2017) 

Exhibition of rare early Basquiat open in Denver (February, 2017)

CRASH in Chelsea (posted October 31, 2016) 

Upcoming Club 57 Exhibition (remembering 80s downtown NYC) (posted October 2016) 

Large Basquiat exhibition to open in London, 2017 (posted October 2016)

Rest in Peace Klaus Kertess (posted October 2016)   

Basquiat’s Hannibal tops 10 million pounds in London (posted October 2016)

Trove of early Basquiat’s said to be unveiled at Miami Beach this November  (posted October 2016)

Basquiat's painting Air Power in pre-auction tour with David Bowie's Art Collection till November.  (posted September 2016)

Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks to travel to Florida, August-October (July 27, 2016)

Eight Basquiat' works from Johnny Depp's Collection on Auction in London (June 29th & 30th).

"Words Are All We Have: Paintings by Jean-Michel Basquiat" extended to June 18th: last days

Auction sets new record for Basquiat: 57 million for painting done under 'sick factory' conditions (May 11th, 2016)

Major Show of Basquiat Paintings in NY: "Words Are All We Have," (May 2nd - June 11th, 2016)

Four Basquiat works on paper on view in New York (February, 2016)

Four Basquiat works in London auctions, February 10th and 11th.

14 Basquiat works in New York November auctions. (November, 2015) 

30th Anniversary special DVD edition of Downtown 81 ("New York Beat") released June 30th, 2015

Holly Bass at the New York Times reviews Jean-Michel Basquiat: Now's The Time, and Basquiat and the Bayou. (6/25/15).

More on Basquiat, Poetry, and the Notebook show. (6/24/15)

Basquiat in Bilbao (update to Basquiat Exhibition page, 6/21/15).

23 Basquiat works now in New York auction previews, but not for long. (5/8/15)

Basquiat Notebooks Show opens this Friday (& link to Brooklyn Street Art review) (04/01/15) 

Madonna on Basquiat, again (3/17/15)

Luc Sante on Basquiat's Notebooks (3/8/15)

A Portrait of Robert Fraser (2/13/15)

Patti Astor interviewed on Jean-Michel Basquiat (2/2/2015)

Happy Birthday, Langson Hughes (born Feb 1, 1902)

The Gathering at Riverside Church, Jan. 30th (What's next for the Black Lives Matter movement).

"Jean-Michel Basquiat: Now's The Time," Ontario exhibition (Feb 7 2015 till May 10 2015).

Happy Birthday, Jean-Michel Basquiat (12/22/14)

Robert Ferris Thompson talk cancelled (posted 12/11/14)

Black Like Basquiat: Jean-Michel Basquiat and the Black kids in downtown NYC (from AFROPUNK)

Street artist "Demz" killed in Miami police chase (posed 12/11/14)

Madonna on Basquiat in Interview (posted 12/11/14)

Justice for Mike Brown, Eric Garner, etc! #BLACKLIVESMATTER Protests this Saturday, December 13th

"Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks" coming to Brooklyn Museum (posted 11/14/14)

Glenn O'Brien on Basquiat and Haring (posted 11/14/14)

14 Basquiat works on pre-auction view in New York this week (from 11/1 to 11/13, 2014)

Widow Basquiat book re-released (11/4/14)

Jordana Moore Saggese speaks on her new book Reading Basquiat Thurs. 10/22/14

"Basquiat and the Bayou" exhibit at Prospect.3, New Orleans, opens October 25th (posted 10/21/14)

"Downtown Trash" (posted 10/20/14)

Basquiat's at Auction (Part II: Untitled) (posted 10/20/14)

Basquiat's at Auction (Part I: October auctions, and Auction Market report) (posted 9/29/14)

NYPD's Bratton Bashes NY Graffiti Show, (posted 9/5/14)

Public Square in Paris to be named after Basquiat (posted 6/20/14)

Last few days to see two Basquiat drawing shows in New York (closing June 13th and 14th)

New Basquiat Exhibit announced for Prospect.3 New Orleans, October 2014 (posted 5/15/14)

May Auction Results (blog post 5/15/14)

Undiscovered Genius of the Mississippi Delta (5/14/14) (temporarily removed)

Notes from the Basquiat panel at the Outsider Art Fair. (temporarily removed)

Twenty-Two Basquiat works on Public Preview this May (updated 4/28/14)

"Basquiat: The Radiant Child," film and discussion, SF MoCADA, May 15 (posted 4/17/2014)

Basquiat panel at Outsider Art Fair, May 10th (posted 3/14)

Christie's postpones auction of Adler's Basquiat collection, after two works already sold (posted 3/10/14)

Basquiat Estate sues Christie's, claiming fakes in Adler collection (posted 3/3/14)

Christie's Video teaser: Basquiat works from the collection of Alexis Adler (posted 2/27/14)

Alexis Adler collection of 1979-80 Basquiat works on auction and public view in March (posted 2/16/14)

Updates to Basquiat Auction page (results from London February sales, and new auction of early work in March 2014)

Benefit for Arleen Schloss (posted 2/4/14)

The City as Canvas, exhibition of early New York City graffiti (runs from 2/4/14 to 8/24/14) 

Rene Ricard (1946-2014)

Basquiat drawings to go on view in New York in May (posted 2/3/14)

Five Basquiat works on preview in London before February auctions (2/1/14)

Paige Powell's intimate photos of Basquiat on view Jan-Feb. (1/12/14)

Kenny Scharf on himself, Haring, and Basquiat (12/10/13)

Interpretation and Yellow Tar and Feathers (11/29/13)

Basquiat's Beat Bop record at 30: A New Oral History (11/25/13)

Auction Roundup (and Jay Z buys Basquiat's Mecca) (11/14/13)

Initial results from Nov. Basquiat auctions (posted 11/12/13).

Basquiat family suing IRS over estate (posted 11/12/13).

Warhol / Basquiat exhibition in Vienna, till Feb. 2014 (posted 11/5/13).

Area: 1983-1987 (posted 11/5/13).

Twenty - Five Basquiat works on pre-auction view in New York this November.
Updates to Basquiat Auction page (October results, and works on view November 2013).

New Basquiat/Warhol page to document their collaboration (posted 11/2013).

Basquiat and Warhol's Cops (posted 9/30/2013).

Calligraffiti Speaks, NYC, Thursday, September 26th.

Updates to Basquiat Exhibitions (Basquiat in several group shows).

Correction to story on Basquiat, Alexis Adler, and Felice Rosser.

Jean-Michel Basquiat: Paintings and Drawings, new exhibition at Galerie Bruno Bischofberger, Zurich, June 3 to September 13, 2013.

New Basquiat exhibition at Gagosian Hong Kong: May 21 - August 10th 

Christie's Basquiat Videos (5/8/13)

Total of 57 Basquiat's on view in New York this May (5/3/13)

"Man Made: Jean-Michel Basquiat" exhibition at Sotheby's NYC will show 31 works May 2nd till June 9th, 2013.

Previously unknown collection of Basquiat works from 1979 to be unveiled (4/3/13)

Basquiat exhibition at Gagosian, New York, now showing over 60 of his paintings till April 6th (2/8/13)

The Art Market vs Art? (2/6/13)

Romare Bearden at ACA Galleries extended till February 22, 2013

And here's to you, Jackie Robinson... (born January 31st, 1919)

R.I.P. Butch Morris (February 10, 1947 - January 29, 2013)

Basquiat show coming to Gagosian gallery in Chelsea, New York in February! (1/2013)

Basquiat's on view in St. Louis and London before February Auctions.  

The Bowery and Times Square, Revisited -- last chance for 2 interesting NYC shows (December, 2012)

Basquiat's Untitled (Fisherman) sells for over $26 million (November 15, 2012)

Basquiat's on view this November, NYC (November 1, 2012)

LA's Eduardo Soriano Castillo: "Art is Not a Crime" (November 1, 2012)

Notes from the 10/18 NYC Basquiat Panel: Part 1: Al Diaz (November 1, 2012)

Happy Halloween (October 31, 2012)

I'll be speaking at Basquiat Panel, NYC on October 18th (2012)

A-Rod vs Pegasus (September 2012)

Basquiat painting on auction in November may set yet another record (September 2012)

The Times Square Show Revisited - Sept 14 - Dec. 8th, 2012

Basquiat's first published illustration uncovered? (September 2012)

Keith Haring et al. (September 2012)

Basquiat works on view in Avignon, France, group show till November 11, 2012

Two Basquiat works reach new records of exchange value (June 27 & 28, 2012)

More Mudd Club nostalgia / Last Chance to see Keith Haring's early work in Brooklyn (till July 8th, 2012) 

Basquiat's Warrior caught in London, and another record in commodification due tonight (June 27, 2012)

Last chance to see five Basquiat works on view in London, before auction (June 26, 2012)

Sotheby's vs Teamsters dispute settled. / Updates to the Basquiat auction page (June, 2012)

Exhibition of Basquiat/Clemente/Warhol collaborations in Bonn, 10 Feb to 20 May 2012.

Hidden Basquiat Invisible Ink Signature discovered under UV light /
Sotheby's still bad for art
. (February, 2011)

Inventor of the cut-up Brion Gysin (His Birthday, January 19th)

Basquiat Authentification Committee to Disband (January, 2011)

Happy Holidays / Basquiat's Birthday (December, 2011)

A Group Visit to Basquiat's Brooklyn Grave (November, 2011)

"Club 57 and Friends" show to close October 9th 

Six Basquiat works on free preview in London, October 2011

The Devil on the Door ? (September, 2011)

Miles Davis Quintet

Basquiat and Hip-Hop, Again

Romare Bearden Centennial

Warhol and Basquiat opening, Denmark, August 31, 2011

R.I.P. Cy Twombly (1928-2011)

Art In the Streets show dropped by Brooklyn Museum -- and call to action (June 22, 2011)

Basquiat work in Raleigh & coming to DC in "30 Americans" show of recent African-American art

Rene Ricard's painted poems on view at Chelsea Gallery (May 13th-June 25th)

Glenn O'Brien in GQ on Basquiat's Gray

Basquiat unknown 1981 Notebook Pages on exhibit at AS IF gallery (May 7-28)

Maripol photos exhibited at Clic gallery, downtown Manhattan (May 17-June 19)

Eroica I and ten other Basquiat works on view in New York before Spring Auctions (May, 2011)

"Art in the Streets" at MOCA, LA, April 17 - August 8, 2011

Bearden, Haring, and Sugar Ray Robinson (May 2, 2011)

Magnificent Basquiat Retrospective closes on January 30th.

Author appearances for January 2011.