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F3 - First Fine Furniture

Don't you love it when David Marks starts his show with "we've already milled our stock and cut it to size"? That's half the work! 

 This is my first project with non-BORG lumber. So lots of jointing, planing and ripping to get those rough boards into shape. It is a special feeling, passing a board over the jointer and exposing the smooth, rich color of the wood. This is also the first time I'm not using any nails or screws, just glue and dowels.


The sides were cut out using the band saw. Cherry burns very easily, you need to go really slow and leave a little extra wood to route off (with a flush trim bit) later. 




<<-  Oops! That hole is not supposed to be there.





<-- The depth stop on this right angle jig failed. Before I knew it I had punched through. Insert expletive here.



<-- This jig works much better. Plus, in order to cut the plug to fill the hole, you really need a drill press. A hand drill just doesn't 'cut' it.

Good reason to buy another tool. 



 After many dry fits, I finally got things togehter. Since I didn't trust my skills enough to glue up 46 dowels in 10 minutes, I used a slow setting polyurethane glue. This is not my favorite glue. It foams like crazy, and it doesn't handle as well as ordinary yellow glue. Still, it got the job done. Hero of the day: Waxilit. Without that stuff, I'd still be scraping glue.

For the finish, I used a combination of Boiled Linseed Oil and Polyurethane, three coats. After it dried thoroughly, I put it outside for a bit of a tan. Finally, I rubbed out the finish with some paste wax and 0000 steel wool. I'd never rubbed anything out before, the final result is impressive. Smooth as glass, but warm to the touch.


 What do we fill this thing with? That's easy......